2018 Glassboro Road Trip Gallery

Friday Kickbox Class

The 2018 Cathe Glassboro Road Trip - We kicked off on Friday with an amazing boxing class! Your energy and enthusiasm was UH-MAY-ZING!!! Wow! Talk about bringing your A-game right from the very start!

Friday Meet & Greet

The 2018 Cathe Glassboro Road Trip Meet & Greet: Friday night we held our Cast Meet and Greet. It was the first time that we met many of you and we loved hearing your stories and seeing some before and after pictures of the ways you’ve changed your bodies and your lives through fitness! You all inspire me with your physical strength, your inner strength and your unwavering determination!

Saturday Step Class

After our group shot photo we headed to step class! There were quite a few hands that went up when I asked who was new, but I would never have even guessed!!! You all stepped like pros! We were so totally in sync for all of those triples, mambos and V steps! You made my morning so special!

Saturday Cycle Mania Class

After a short, but well deserved break, we headed right back into the fitness room where DJ Joe Vespe was waiting to rock the house with some jammin’ music for our indoor cycle class! What an awesome sweat fest we had! Sprints, jumps and heavy hill climbs, oh my! We had so much fun we hardly noticed how hard we we were working!

Saturday Zumba Party

Saturday night ended with a super charged Groovy 60’s themed Zumba party led by instructors Heather and George! This was an athletic, super charged party! Whoa! What a workout! Your costumes were on point and hilarious! Even Austin Powers and Foxxy stopped in for some dance grooves!

Saturday Upper Body & Core Class

After lunch, we took ourselves back into the fitness room to check in with our friends at home for a special roadtrip live session- Upper Body and Core! It was speedy, it was sweaty and it was fabulous! Did all of you at home see us waving at you?! Four words that will stick with you after seeing this one “double knot your laces!” Lol….

Saturday Group Shots

Saturday was a jam-packed day! We started with our group photo and you all remembered your roadtrippin’ glasses!!! Yay! It was most definitely a frame worthy moment!

Sunday Cardio Leg Blast Class

Sunday morning we all joined forces one more time for cardio leg blast! Nothing like sore legs for the ride or flight home to remind you of all you’ve done…Oh Yeah! We got through it in style and still managed to walk ourselves over to the studio for a goodbye breakfast! The goodbye part never really gets any easier. It’s full of such mixed emotions. We want and need to get back to our homes and families, but we wish that we could take all of our Cathlete friends along with us so that the post road trip blues don’t have to set in. Even as we have to say goodbye, I will remind you that I love you all and I’ll always “see you next workout!” #bossbuilt #cathe2018

Road Trip Videos

Video clips from all of the exercise classes from the Cathe 2108 Glassboro Road trip.