1 Day to Go!

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2009)

Tomorrow we begin filming, but today our staff and contractors are busy getting our studio ready. In the video business this day is called the “set and light day”. Workers are busy installing and adjusting the studio lights, cameras and digi beta decks.

Have you ever wondered how many lights it takes to light a video set like ours? Well try over 100,000 watts. That is equal to over 1600 household light bulbs. If you ever had a easy bake oven as a kid you now how hot just one bulb can get! Now just imagine an oven with 1600 bulbs. That is why tonight we will lower the temperature in the studio to about 62 degrees. It will be nice and cool when Cathe and the crew first start, but it will be anything but cool by the time they finish.

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