Drill Max Premixes

Published on 14 September 2006 by in Behind The Scenes, Blog, Drill Max


Good Afternoon Everyone! Today’s picture is of ¬†Dive Bomber Pushups from our Drill Max workout. These are really challenging pushups due mostly to the steep angle they are performed at. They also provide an excellent upper body workout as you will feel these working your chest, triceps, shoulder, back and core. If that isn’t enough, we chase those pushups with a quick set of core/plank style pushups….and repeat this sequence THREE TIMES!!!!

Now that your heart rate has recovered some, HA, take a peek at the premixes for Drill Max. These premixes have been disected in every imaginable way. There is ABSOLUTELY something for everyone in this line up. Enjoy!

Premix # 1….Timesaver Cardio Blast

Premix # 2….Ultra Cardio Blast

Premix # 3….Scrambled Cardio Blast

Premix # 4….Cardio Leg Blast

Premix # 5….Cardio and All Upper Body

Premix # 6….Total Body

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