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The 4 Day Split is designed to be the ultimate cardio and strength weekly workout program that fits your busy lifestyle. It consists of four (approx. 60 minute) workouts.

Premix Submenu

By Cathe Friedrich

The above picture is submenu that appears if you select the “HIS and All Upper Body” Premix from the main premix menu. Each premix has a submenu page, just like this one, which will briefly describe what the premix is made of and the weights and equipment used by Cathe in the workout. Just hit […]

Premixes Main Menu – Disc A

By Cathe Friedrich

The 4 Day Split Series DVDs will feature 2 DVDs with a combined total of 23 premixes. Today we want to tell you about the premixes on Disc “A” which contains the video titles Higher Intensity Step and Lower Intensity Step.As you can see in the above picture of the Premix menu, Disc “A” contains […]

Mix and Match Menu

By Cathe Friedrich

As you can see our Mix & Match menu is a little different this time. Each chapter point shows the weights and equipment Cathe uses for that section. Though you should always use weights appropriate for your fitness level this new feature should help you with selecting your own weights and preparing your equipment before […]

About the DVDs

By Cathe Friedrich

The 4 Day Split Series contains 2 DVDs, each with two approximately 60 min workouts. Each DVD contains about 11 premixes for a grand total of 23 premixes (we will have some more premix details in tomorrows blog post). The above picture is the Main Menu screen from the Higher Intensity Step + Lower Intensity […]

4 Day Split/Kickbox Details

By Cathe Friedrich

This is such a high energy, heart thumping, power packed, 31 minute workout……and the AWESOME music literally carries your enthusiasm to the last punch. The warm up is longer and considered part of the workout since it is very high energy and comprehensive at the same time. After the warm up you burst into familiar […]

4 Day Split – Boot Camp Details

By Cathe Friedrich

4 Day Split/Boot Camp is a 31 minute energizer package that delivers GREAT music PLUS 12 all new, heart thumping, cardio based athletic drills designed to improve agility, speed, and endurance. In addition to these benefits, you will burn major calories, shock your body, help break fitness plateau’s, and enhance your overall cardio capacity. Some […]

Project Update 7-27-07

By Cathe Friedrich

Today we finished the audio sweetening for all of the workouts at NFL Films. This now completes the editing phase of this project. Only one phase is now left to do before we send the masters to the DVD replicator and that is DVD authoring. We’ve already done a lot of prep work for the […]

NFL Films Audio Room

By Cathe Friedrich

 This picture is NFL Films “Studio A” audio room. This is where we’re spending most of our time this week running our workouts through an extra step called “audio sweetening”. Very few companies making fitness workouts take do this extra process but we now do this just to make sure sound quality is a perfect […]