1. forum_admin

    About My New Workout Series

    Hi Everyone, As most of you already know, during the Cathe Virtual Halloween RoadTrip, I had the opportunity to share some details about my newest series with RoadTrip attendees! Since then, I’ve received some questions regarding a series announcement and presale details and I wanted to touch...
  2. G

    STS Shock Cardio Only Rotation

    Hi, I saw the shock cardio workouts pop up today in the "deal of the day" section, and I thought about buying it. Does anyone have a rotation just using the cardio dvds only?
  3. H

    What do you do when you have completed STS?

    So, do you start over with phase 1, move to 2 then to 3 and repeat? Thanks.
  4. D

    Alternating these workouts with STS?

    Cathe, I CANNOT WAIT to get this new series. It looks amazing! When it comes out, I should be about in the third week of the hypertrophy phase of STS. Could I alternate an STS workout with one of the S&S workouts throughout the rest of STS, or will that not give my muscles enough rest between...
  5. G

    STS and beachbody cardio

    Hi, Not to long ago I bought sts from ebay. I want to start on it sometime next week, but I'm trying to decide what cardio to do with it. Anyone have schedules combining sts with t25 or turbofire?
  6. forum_admin

    STS in Today's Daily Deals

    It's been a few month's but STS 40 DVD pack is back in today's Daily Deals (*at $3 per DVD you can't beat the price), so don't miss your chance to order today and save. Today's Daily Deal (3-24-16) includes Cathe's amazing STS 40 DVD discount bundle (*only $3 per DVD) as well as many other...
  7. R

    Question about 1 Rep Max as STS weeks progress...

    I'm about to start STS (finally), and will be taking the 1 Rep Max test for ONLY the exercises in Meso Cycle 1. Question 1: I'm assuming that I will get stronger as the weeks progress. If I'm entering my reps into the workout manager each week, does it automatically recalculate my 1 rep max...
  8. nckfitheart2009

    Workout Manager - One Rep max

    The one rep max tab is not working and is prompting an error message. I have tried more than twice. Really need this before re-starting STS. Can anyone please let us know if it is possible to have this calculator up running. Cheers:)