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    Cathe STS 2.0 Active Recovery

    Pictured here you see Cathe, Jenn A, Brenda, Jenn D, and Kristin doing the “World’s Greatest Stretch” during the “Active Recovery” workout in STS 2.0. This dynamic total body stretch is used as a warm-up (though it need not be exclusive to the warm-up) in the workout because it stretches the...
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    Cathe's STS Muscle & Recovery Body Parts Chest Workout!

    In this workout, we will work the Chest in both flat and incline positions with slow, heavy reps. We’ll finish the routine with some resistance bands and body weight exercises. Most exercises are followed by a full one-minute break to allow you to power back up and go heavy again on the next...
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    Cathe's STS Muscle & Recovery Features Two Foam Rolling Workouts

    STS Muscle & Recovery comes with 8 recovery workouts, two of which are foam rolling workouts utilizing our orange 36-inch roller. As we age, we lose some of our flexibility. As a result, we no longer have the joint range of motion we had when we were young. Remember how easy it was to do a...
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    We've Now Finished The Filming Of STS Muscle & Recovery!

    Some good news to share this week. We have now finished filming all of the STS workouts!!! And now that filming is complete, we will have more time to post updates and information about all of the new STS workouts. Today we wanted to share with everyone a pic from Cathe's STS Mat Yoga recovery...
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    This pic is from Cathe's STS Muscle & Recovery Body Parts Back

    In this pic Cathe is doing a Pendlay Row. A Pendlay row involves the same sequence and movements as a barbell row except with the Pendlay row, you place the barbell down on the floor at the end of the sequence rather than holding it above the floor, as with a standard barbell row. So, you pick...
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    Cathe's STS Muscle & Recovery Phase #3 Legs

    Pictured here is Cathe, along with Al, doing a side-lying hip raise with a medium tension Boss Loop during the STS 2.0 Muscle & Recovery Phase #3 "Body Parts" Leg Workout. Though this is a heavy weight workout, Cathe didn't forget to use her Boss Loops for this exercise which complements the...
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    STS Muscle & Recovery Upper Body Workout #1

    In this pic Cathe is doing supine pull-ups using the new STS Adjustable Pullup/Dip Bars. This new optional product will be available in our store in December. We also show other options in the video for this exercise including the Turbo Tower, Resistance Bands, and Dumbbell...
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    Are Modifications Shown in STS Muscle & Recovery?

    The short answer is yes! As an example, in this picture, Jenn D. and Al have their resistance bands attached to a wall anchor while Jenn A. is using her foot to secure her band. Kristin is using dumbbells. We've added wall anchors to our new set so that we can use our resistance bands more...
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    This Pic Is From Cathe's STS Phase 2 Upper Body #2 Workout

    This pic is from Cathe's STS Phase 2 Upper Body workout. Though we have a lot of pics and information from STS Phase 1 still to share with you, this week we will also begin to tell you about the STS Phase 2 workouts. While STS Phase1 was all about total body workouts, STS Phase 2 consist of two...
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    Cathe STS Muscle & Recovery Super Sets

    The first workout in STS Phase 1 utilizes the Super Sets method. In this total body workout, we’ll do 2 exercises for opposing muscle groups back-to-back with very little rest in between. Challenging our muscles to work through fatigue as we move quickly between exercises will help to increase...
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    STS Muscle & Recovery Trisets Lateral Raises

    Pictured here are Cathe, Jenn D, Kristin, and Al performing a lateral raise in the scapular plane. For the health of your shoulders, your lateral raises shouldn't be completely at your sides. Instead, you want to work the lateral raise in what's called the "scapular plane." That's about 20 to...
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    Close Grip Sumo Squat in Cathe's STS Trisets Total Body workout

    Pictured here is Cathe with Jenn A and Brenda doing a Close Grip Sumo Squat in the STS Trisets Total Body workout. Muscles worked: quads, glutes, hips, hamstrings, and inner thighs…oh so good
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    Cathe STS Muscle & Recovery Bonus Standing Abs

    Pictured here you see Cathe, Kristin, and Jenn D doing Cathe’s new Standing Metabolic Core routine. Standing ab exercises are great for working the muscles of your ENTIRE core…. your abs, your back, and your hips! These functional compound core moves will not only strengthen your core section...
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    Kneeling Sweeper Bicep Curl in the STS Supersets Total Body Workout

    Pictured here you see Cathe, Kristin and Al doing a Kneeling Sweeper Bicep Curl in the Supersets Total Body workout. Kneeling for this exercise takes out some of the momentum making the exercise a little more intense. No worries if you prefer not to kneel. We have Brenda demonstrating the...
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    Introducing the cast from STS 2.0 series!

    Introducing the cast from STS 2.0 series! From left to right we have Jenn A, Jenn D, Brenda, Cathe, Al and Kristin. This picture was taken right before the filming of Trisets Total Body Workout. We know you enjoy knowing what the cast is wearing so we’ll share that with you now. Jenn A is...
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    STS Muscle & Recovery Supersets

    Cathe, Jenn, and Brenda doing incline lying tricep dumbbell extensions in STS Muscle & Recovery. This is one of three total body workouts featured in this 15 DVD set.
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    STS Giant Sets Keeps Things Moving!

    STS Phase 1 will challenge you even further with an advanced Giant Sets technique. In STS Giant Sets you'll perform 10 exercises back-to-back with very little rest. No muscle groups are untouched in each sweat-packed round. The metabolic demand on your body will continue to increase as we move...
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    Cathe's STS Muscle & Recovery Is All About Heavy Weights

    This pic from STS Giant Sets shows Cathe, Kristin & Al working hard during this total body workout. STS Muscle & Recovery offers a variety of strength training and muscle recovery workouts on 15 DVDs, including 3 total body workouts: Giant Sets, Supersets, and Trisets.
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    STS Muscle & Recovery - First Pic!

    The story begins...This is just the first of many pics from the filming of STS Muscle & Recovery that we will be releasing over the next several weeks. In this pic, Cathe is doing a barbell hip thrust with 65 lbs in STS Giant Sets. This is one of three total body workouts that will be featured...
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    About My New Workout Series

    Hi Everyone, As most of you already know, during the Cathe Virtual Halloween RoadTrip, I had the opportunity to share some details about my newest series with RoadTrip attendees! Since then, I’ve received some questions regarding a series announcement and presale details and I wanted to touch...