strength training

  1. N


    I'd love to see a video from Cathe on weight lifting for someone who wants to build muscle but just a step before body building. I'd love to see a routing that Cathe would follow during her 'gym style' serie or even perhaps a Gym Style 2. I was pleased with the Hiit it lift it serie and would...
  2. WantFit

    Any rotation aimed at flexibility?

    Hi, I am training for marathon in last two years. I became very stiff. I would like to take next 4 weeks to focus on strength and flexibility train. Any suggestions? I have almost every Cathe's DVD except ICY series and Low Impact (I couldn't find it from download and it did not allow me to...
  3. forum_admin

    About Our Muscle Meltdowns

    All of our ICE Muscle Meltdowns are uniquely filmed videos and not taken from our other ICE workouts. Most of the Muscle Meltdowns are around 13 to 15 mins long and are designed for people wanting to add a single strength training body part to their cardio workout. Muscle Meltdowns are also...