Any rotation aimed at flexibility?


Hi, I am training for marathon in last two years. I became very stiff. I would like to take next 4 weeks to focus on strength and flexibility train. Any suggestions? I have almost every Cathe's DVD except ICY series and Low Impact (I couldn't find it from download and it did not allow me to download again).


Cathe's December 2011 and her September 2011 rotations have more stretch/flexibility in them than most.

Another idea is to tack the 20 min. Extended Stretch (found on each of the STS DVDs) or one of the 15 min. Stretch Max workouts at the end of your regular cardio or strength workout.
Thank you. I will look into Dec and Sep11 rotation..
Thank you. Which kickboxing workout would be moderate?

It depends on your own fitness level. When I want and/or need to increase the intensity
of a kickboxing segment, I wear weighted gloves. 0.5kg

Another way of increasing the intensity is the use of heavy bag:)

;) It is up to you to make it as intense as you want and/or need to:) through variations.

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