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    Cathe's STS Muscle & Recovery Phase #3 Legs

    Pictured here is Cathe, along with Al, doing a side-lying hip raise with a medium tension Boss Loop during the STS 2.0 Muscle & Recovery Phase #3 "Body Parts" Leg Workout. Though this is a heavy weight workout, Cathe didn't forget to use her Boss Loops for this exercise which complements the...
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Bands, Loops, and Weights-Oh My! Live Workout

    Attention Cathe Live subscribers: Thursday, December 9, 2021, at 9:30 am EST we’ll be doing “Bands, Loops, and Weights-Oh My!” LIVE! This total body, intermediate to advanced workout will use Boss Bands, Boss Loops, and handweights to challenge your entire body from head to toe! Let’s Do This...
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    Will Cathe make more videos with the Boss Bands/Loops?

    Hi, there. Just wondering whether the Boss Bands were a one-time thing or if she plans to make more videos with them.
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    Workout Manager Missing Icons for new Boss Bands/Loops

    Hi, I just tried the new workouts today (great!), and entered them into my Cathe Workout Manager. However, neither icon appears in the calendar area. Is there a fix for that please?
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    Cathe Boss Bands & Loops User's Guide

    The FREE Boss Bands & Loops User's Guide is also now available to download. Boss Bands & Loops Users Guide | | Here are some other important Boss Bands & Loops links: Boss Bands & Loops DVDs: | | Purchase Boss Bands & Loops Downloads: |...
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    Cathe's Boss Bands & Loops Are Now Available on Cathe OnDemand

    It's been a very busy week but thanks to our staff and a lot of hard work we're happy to tell you that Boss Bands & Loops is now available on all of our platforms. All DVDs shipped out last week and are now working their way to your home. Downloads were made available on August 19th and this...
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    Learn How To Download Your Presale Boss Bands & Loops Downloads

    If you pre-ordered Boss Bands and Boss Loops downloads just click on the link below to learn how to download your videos: | Download Instructions |
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    DVD Shipping Alert!

    Hi Everyone, Just a quick update to let everyone know that Boss Bands & Loops pre-sale orders have now started shipping, We've been running three production shifts per day for about a week, and we think we should have all of the pre-sale orders out by tomorrow. Also, don't forget that today is...
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    Only 6 Days Left!

    Get pumped up everyone!!! The containers full of our pre-sale goodies finally arrived! We spent the last two days unloading the containers and organizing our shipping assembly line. Today we’ll begin the additional steps to bundle your Boss Loops and Boss Bands into their customized vinyl cases...
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    Time is Running Out! Current Pre-Sale Prices End In Just 4 More Days!

    Estimated to now ship somewhere between July 30th, 2021 and August 21st, 2021 *Pre-Order Now at Hi Everyone, Time is running out to get your lowest price on Boss Bands & Boss Loops. Current pre-sale prices end in just 4 more days on July 9th. Update: 7-5-21: We also want...
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    Cathe Boss Bands & Boss Loops Update - 6-28-21

    Hi Everyone, As we approach the end of June our main priority is the shipping of our Boss Bands and Boss Loops from China to here in the USA as this will be the main determining factor of when the presale orders will be able to ship. We cleared our first major hurdle this weekend when our...
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    Video Clip Of Cathe's Boss Loops

    Yesterday, we released the Boss Bands video clip and now we have also just made available a video clip from the Boss Loops workout. So, now you can view both video clips! To view the video clips or to Pre-Order Now, click on the following link *current presale prices end...
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    Cathe Boss Bands & Loops Update - 6-7-21

    Hi Everyone, We have some good news to share this week on two fronts concerning your pre-sale orders for Boss Bands & Loops. First, we're now done with the authoring for both Boss Bands & Boss Loops DVDs, and this is the final phase of our work on this project as far as the DVDs are concerned...
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    Cathe Boss Bands & Loops Update - 6-1-21

    Hi Everyone, As we mentioned before, we started work last week on the authoring of the DVDs and we expect to finish this last step of the Boss Bands & Loops project by the end of this week. We will then have to do some detailed proofing and testing which will include audio adjustments to make...
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    Cathe Boss Bands & Loops Update - 5-24-21

    Hi Everyone, Every week or two we like to update everyone about our progress on the Boss Bands and Loops workouts. We have now finished making all of our edits on both workouts and have started working on the DVD authoring which is the last and final thing we need to do before we can create...
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    Cathe and Jenn work their glutes during Boss Loops: Glutes and Core.

    Cathe and Jenn work their glutes during Boss Loops: Glutes and Core. Cathe's Boss Bands & Loops: For Everybody • Go Anywhere Learn more or pre-order Cathe's new Boss Bands, Loops, DVDs, and Downloads at
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    Cathe's Boss Bands Total Body Core Workout

    Brenda, Jenn A. & Jenn D. doing straight arm butterfly sit-ups during the core section of Boss Bands Total Body workout. Cathe's Boss Bands & Loops: For Everybody • That Go Anywhere Learn more or pre-order Cathe's new Boss Bands, Loops, DVDs, and Downloads at
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    Boss Loops Group Shot & Outfits

    Boss Loops Group Shot Pic ( from left to right): Brenda, Jenn A. Cathe, Jenn D., and Jai. Boss Loops Outfits: Cathe Top- Alala Pants- Nike Sneakers- Nike Jai Tank- Reebok Pants- Athleta Sneakers- Nike Brenda Tank- Reebok Pants- Calia Sneakers -Nike Jenn A Tank- DSG Pants-Athleta...
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    Pre-Order Cathe's New Boss Bands, Loops, DVDs & Downloads

    Click on the following link to Pre-Order Cathe's New Boss Bands, Loops, DVDs & Downloads now and get our lowest price: