Cathe's Boss Bands & Loops Are Now Available on Cathe OnDemand


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It's been a very busy week but thanks to our staff and a lot of hard work we're happy to tell you that Boss Bands & Loops is now available on all of our platforms. All DVDs shipped out last week and are now working their way to your home. Downloads were made available on August 19th and this morning we made the Boss Bands & Loops workouts available on Cathe OnDemand. You will probably need to force close your Cathe OnDemand app to see the new Boss Bands & Loops workouts and depending on the device you are using you may also need to clear your browser's cache.

The FREE Boss Bands & Loops User's Guide is also now available to download *see download link below.

Here are some important Boss Bands & Loops links:

Purchase Boss Bands & Loops​

Boss Bands & Loops DVDs: | Click Here |
Purchase Boss Bands & Loops Downloads: | Click Here |
Get Instant Access To Boss Bands & Loops On Cathe OnDemand | Click Here |

Other Boss Bands & Loops Links:​

How To Download Your Boss Bands & Loops Videos: | Click Here |
Boss Bands & Loops Users Guide | Click Here |

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