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    You Can Now Download Your FREE STS 2.0 User's Guide

    Click Here To Download Your FREE 146-Page STS 2.0 User's Guide
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    Cathe Boss Bands & Loops User's Guide

    The FREE Boss Bands & Loops User's Guide is also now available to download. Boss Bands & Loops Users Guide | | Here are some other important Boss Bands & Loops links: Boss Bands & Loops DVDs: | | Purchase Boss Bands & Loops Downloads: |...
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    Cathe's Boss Bands & Loops Are Now Available on Cathe OnDemand

    It's been a very busy week but thanks to our staff and a lot of hard work we're happy to tell you that Boss Bands & Loops is now available on all of our platforms. All DVDs shipped out last week and are now working their way to your home. Downloads were made available on August 19th and this...
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    Fit Split User's Guide

    The Fit Split User's Guide is now up. You can download the pdf or view on your computer/tablet at: If you're planning on printing the pdf we suggest waiting a few days so we can make any corrections to any typos or errors we find. *You can order Cathe's new Fit Split...
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    Download the FREE Fit Tower™ User's Guide

    Yo can now download the FREE Fit Tower™ User's Guide by clicking on the link below. If you're planning on printing the User's Guide we suggest waiting a few days just in case we need to make some corrections. | Download User's Guide |
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    About the ICE Rotations

    The online ICE User's Guide will come with six rotations. The first three rotations are designed to help an intermediate exerciser progress over a 90 day period from an intermediate exerciser to an advanced exerciser. Level, 1,2 and 3 rotations are all 30 days in length each: 1. Level 1 -...