Workout Manager Missing Icons for new Boss Bands/Loops

Hi, I just tried the new workouts today (great!), and entered them into my Cathe Workout Manager. However, neither icon appears in the calendar area. Is there a fix for that please?
Hi, I still can't get them to appear. Can you please explain how to clear everything so it works? I did try deleting the browser page but that didn't help... I appreciate your ideas.
Oh, I'm not sure. Mine were not appearing before, but, then started to. What if you completely log out of you computer? Then restart it? Or, before you do that, log out of (mine logs me out automatically after about an hour -- not sure why, so I have to log in all the time). If none of those ideas works you can refresh your cache(I don't like doing that, though). Good luck, and report back!
Hi Everyone, just letting you know we have not finished our work yet on adding the new workouts to the Workout Manager.

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