workout manager

  1. L

    Workout Manager Missing Icons for new Boss Bands/Loops

    Hi, I just tried the new workouts today (great!), and entered them into my Cathe Workout Manager. However, neither icon appears in the calendar area. Is there a fix for that please?
  2. T

    Workout manager login issues

    I am not able to log into the workout manager anymore. I haven’t used it for a long time but would like to start again. Does the workout manager still work?
  3. J

    WORKOUT Manager

    Hi there! I cannot seem to log into the workout managerThe forums from 2008 and 2009 and my issue does not seem to be the same as I am using the https part. I cannot login.Can anyone help me with this, please?
  4. peggy1619

    Can't change date on previous rotation in workout manager

    No matter what rotation I choose, I can't change the date to make it current. Is this related to the update is doing?
  5. L

    Workout Manager

    I love the Workout Manager, and I use it update my One Rep Max and record my daily Cathe workouts. I tried to add my new Strong and Sweaty routines to the calendar but am having some difficulty. While I can "add workout", the icon does not display in the calendar (like it does for the older...
  6. forum_admin

    ICE Premixes Now Completed in The Workout Manager

    We have now finished adding all of the ICE Premixes and their chapters to our free online Workout Manager. This makes it possible for you to easily see exactly which exercises (chapters) were used in constructing each ICE Premix.
  7. forum_admin

    ICE Rotations Now In the Workout Manager

    We have now posted all 6 ICE rotations in the Workout Manager. Let us know of any mistakes you find so we can correct them.
  8. forum_admin

    ICE Videos Now in the Workout Manager

    We have now loaded the ICE video information into our Workout Manager. Currently, we have only added the basic ICE workouts. We still have to add the ICE Premixes and Rotations. Not sure when we will get everything done, but at least for now the main ICE workouts can be added to your workout...
  9. nckfitheart2009

    Workout Manager - One Rep max

    The one rep max tab is not working and is prompting an error message. I have tried more than twice. Really need this before re-starting STS. Can anyone please let us know if it is possible to have this calculator up running. Cheers:)