Learn How To Download Your Presale Boss Bands & Loops Downloads

I did not get a download link. I emailed customer service last night.
You should have gotten a digital download coupon code with the presale confirmations email when you bought the presale. Use the code and follow the instructions. Hope this helps!
I didn’t get the download coupon code with my pre-sale order confirmation either. I emailed support, including my original confirmation email so they could see there was no coupon code included.

update: got my code w/in hours of emailing Support - great customer service! Thank you!
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I got a download code last night, used it, all went well. I did Boss Loops this morning, and was well worked out, and happy happy happy.
I've checked every email and no download code/ coupon either just an order number. I've emailed but it was Saturday night in the UK so I guess maybe no reply till later Monday.

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