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    IMPORTANT: STS 2.0 Download Update

    STS 2.0 Download Customers: You will need to have the STS 2.0 claim code number that you were automatically sent when you pre-ordered in order to claim your STS 2.0 downloads once they are made available. The easiest way to find your code is to do a search in your email inbox or junk folder...
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    Save 40% On Cathe Downloads

    Black Friday savings Start Now! Get 40% off any of our current digital downloads on orders over $40* Use coupon code SAVE40 | shop now | * Excludes pre-sale items. * Act Now. Limited Time Only Once you download our digital downloads you can take them with you when you travel, go to the gym, or...
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    Black Friday Sale - Save 40% On Cathe Downloads

    Stock up on Your Favorite Cathe Live and Premium Downloads and Save 40% *Get 40% Off Any Current Download, Including 371 Cathe Live workouts, when your order totals $40 or more. Use coupon code SAVE40. Shop Now at
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    Learn How To Download Your Presale Boss Bands & Loops Downloads

    If you pre-ordered Boss Bands and Boss Loops downloads just click on the link below to learn how to download your videos: | Download Instructions |
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    How To Download Your Perfect30 Pre-Sale Downloads

    Cathe Perfect30 Download Instructions If you Pre-Ordered Perfect30 downloads here is what you need to do. Click on the following link for complete instructions:
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    If You Ordered LITE Downloads - Read This

    Once we release the LITE digital downloads you will need to use the "code" that was sent to you automatically when you originally placed your order to receive your digital files. If you can't find or have lost your "download" code you will need to contact our customer service at...
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    Fit Tower™ Download Onstructions

    If you Pre-Ordered Fit Tower™ Downloads they are now available at: Click Here You will need to use the "Gift Code" You received by email when you pre-ordered. If you have lost this code you will need to contact customer service on Monday.
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    Here is How to Download Your Pre-Sale Strong & Sweaty Digital Downloads

    Here is How to Download Your Pre-Sale Strong & Sweaty Digital Downloads If you pre-orderd Strong & Sweaty Downloads you were automatically sent a 5 digit code when you pre-ordered that you will need to claim your Strong & Sweaty downloads. If you have lost your code you will need to contact...
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    Strong & Sweaty Download Purchasers

    As we get ready to release our new Strong & Sweaty workouts we want to remind all download purchasers to read this post. The day after the new DVDs begin shipping we will post a link and instructions for everyone who pre-ordered the downloads on how they can download their videos. Because of...
  10. nckfitheart2009

    External Dvds player versus Built in player

    Hi Everyone, Has anyone been able to successfully rip Cathe dvd and upload files onto external drive? I am wondering if an external dvds player runs better than a built in one? What brand would you recommend? Thanks :)
  11. M

    Q about chaptering - Strong and Sweaty downloads

    I know that premixes are not included with the downloads. Are the downloads still going to be extensively chaptered as downloads have been in the past? Thanks! (sorry if this has been asked/answered already - I couldn't find it!)
  12. nckfitheart2009

    Playing Cathe Download directly from an External HDD hard drive

    Hi Everyone, I have a question with hope anyone with the most updated technology knowledge will help. At the end of this year, I will back up, and sort all my dvd's workout in an external Hdd hard drive. Has anyone been successful backing up all their files --- Downloads and dvds onto an...
  13. M

    Suggestion for downloads, now that WB not supported

    Since the old Workout Blender is now a legacy product and not supported, downloads are becoming a less attractive option for Cathe customers. We no longer get the advantages of premixes which are offered by the DVDs. May I suggest that you provide the downloads in two formats - 1) as a single...
  14. I

    Where is Workout Blender for Download Users?

    So I purchased almost all of Cathe's Videos as downloads with the promise that "In just a few short months" (ha! it said that for years!) Workout Blender would be available for us to create and share videos with each other using the Videos that we had purchased. Many posts were responded to...
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    Individual ICE Downloads Now Available

    You can now purchase individual ICE downloads at: