Suggestion for downloads, now that WB not supported


Since the old Workout Blender is now a legacy product and not supported, downloads are becoming a less attractive option for Cathe customers. We no longer get the advantages of premixes which are offered by the DVDs.

May I suggest that you provide the downloads in two formats - 1) as a single file (as is done currently) with the entire workout in one or two files. 2) Also downloadable by chapter - a file provided for each chapter. This should be downloadable as one action - ie. 'Download all chapters' - so we don't have to repeat the download action multiple times!

This would enable the customers to create our own playlists which correspond to the premixes.



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Great suggestion, but just not practical or economical to do something like you suggest. The fees we are charged for storage and transmission of the video files would probably exceed what we gross in downloads to do this. It would also take months of work to make something like this happen and that's costly and doesn't make sense economically to do since downloads are a declining business. Also, I doubt very many people would actually go to the trouble of of downloading all of the individual chapter files and creating playlist. I'm sure some would do it, but most people don't have the storage to double what they already are devoting to their downloads and most don't understand how to create playlist. Hence, a lot of customers service issues too.

What you suggest is how the streaming workout blender works, except you don't have to download anything with our streaming site. Unfortunately, to develop free products like our Workout Blender it takes a lot of money to do so. Without the ability to increase sales by developing a product like this there is just no way we can afford to develop it. Downloads are a rapidly declining business for us and we can't afford to spend a lot of money developing something like this.
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Thanks for the reply. I understand.

eta: Although saving individual chapters doesn't take any more room than storing premixes created with the old Workout Blender. But I get your point!
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