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  1. forum_admin

    Perfect30 Update 10-23-20

    It's been a very busy week but thanks to our staff and a lot of hard work we're happy to tell you that Perfect30 is now available on all of our platforms. All DVDs shipped out on Wednesday, Oct 21st, and are now working their way to your home. Downloads were made available yesterday and today...
  2. jcpolsky

    Is OnDemand down for anyone else

    Live, OnDemand and Workout Blender won't load any videos. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks!
  3. forum_admin

    Cathe OnDemand Now Has Over 2200 Premixes

    More and more Cathletes are discovering our one of the kind Workout Blender. In just the last few weeks Cathletes have added and shared over 200 new premixes they have created on our OnDemand site. If you're not familiar with how to create and share workouts with your fellow Cathletes just watch...
  4. forum_admin

    Create and Share Your Own Fit Split Premix!

    We've created 48 Premixes for our Fit Split workout series, but now it's your turn to add to what we have done. If you're an online subscriber to Cathe OnDemand you can create your own Fit Split Premixes and share them with your fellow Cathletes. The possibilities are almost unlimited! Can't...
  5. jodijodi

    Share your favorite Workout Blender workouts here! (Or just share your own!)

    I'm surprised that I haven't seen a thread for people to share their favorite Workout Blender workouts. So I'm starting one myself. :) I haven't had On Demand for very long (about a month), but I'm loving it so far. Here are a couple that I've enjoyed: Upper Body/Heavy Bag by pixie9 - Circuit...
  6. forum_admin

    Workout Blender Easter Challenge: Hop To It

    Hi Everyone! For all of you who are OnDemand subscribers I have decided to start offering fun challenges that I've created for you via the Workout Blender! Being that tomorrow is Easter let's get a jumpstart on your calorie burn & attack it with a high low hiit workout that I've blended with a...
  7. forum_admin

    Create Your Own Premix

    Thanks to everyone who has already made and shared a new Strong & Sweaty Premix in our OnDemand Workout Blender. Let's Make Some More! Watch this video to learn how. Learn more about Cathe OnDemand or sign up at
  8. forum_admin

    Create and Share Your Own Strong & Sweaty Premix!

    We've created 77 Premixes for our Strong and Sweaty workout series, but now it's your turn to add to what we have done. If you're an online subscriber to Cathe OnDemand you can create your own Strong and Sweaty Premixes and share them with your fellow Cathletes. The possibilities are almost...
  9. M

    Suggestion for downloads, now that WB not supported

    Since the old Workout Blender is now a legacy product and not supported, downloads are becoming a less attractive option for Cathe customers. We no longer get the advantages of premixes which are offered by the DVDs. May I suggest that you provide the downloads in two formats - 1) as a single...
  10. forum_admin

    About Our New Workout Blender

    Eureka! We've Done It!!! Over 1000 DVD Premixes Have Now Been Added To Our OnDemand Workout Blender Ever since we created our first DVD Premix many years ago we have dreamed and planned on one day being able to do the same with what is now known as the Cathe OnDemand online streaming network...
  11. forum_admin

    Workout Blender OnDemand Upgrade Tonight

    Announcement: OnDemand Workout Blender Update is Scheduled for Around 10 pm (eastern)Tonight At around 10pm eastern tonight (2-14-16) we will begin a major upgrade to our OnDemand Workout Blender. This upgrade will include the following: 1. Adding most of our DVD Premixes to the WB (Over 1000...
  12. I

    Where is Workout Blender for Download Users?

    So I purchased almost all of Cathe's Videos as downloads with the promise that "In just a few short months" (ha! it said that for years!) Workout Blender would be available for us to create and share videos with each other using the Videos that we had purchased. Many posts were responded to...
  13. forum_admin

    Workout Blender Update

    We have now corrected the audio sync issue on the new ICE Chapter files in the Workout Blender. We were also not happy with the low quality chapter videos in the WB and have now replaced them too. Because we cache our video files on many servers around the world it may take a day or two for you...
  14. forum_admin

    Late Night Update

    We have now added the ICE videos to the online Workout Blender, but not to our OnDemand video section. This means you can watch the new ICE videos in the WB, but won't see them yet when you go to our OnDemand video page. We will take care of the OnDemand section tomorrow, but thought we would at...
  15. G

    Workout Blender Crashes Frequently

    Hi, I'm hoping you can help me do some troubleshooting. I've been using Workout Blender in Chrome on Windows 8 and just recently, the videos will stall and Chrome becomes unresponsive. Sometimes it only takes a moment to resolve, and other times I have to close out the browser and restart. This...
  16. P

    Workout Blender just "Loading..."

    Hi everyone, recently got a new computer and logged in to Cathe to do the workout blender but I just get the message of "Loading..." and nothing will play. I have a Mac running latest OS X. I have verified that videos will play from other sites (news sites, youtube, etc), I have logged in an out...