Share your favorite Workout Blender workouts here! (Or just share your own!)


I'm surprised that I haven't seen a thread for people to share their favorite Workout Blender workouts. So I'm starting one myself. :)

I haven't had On Demand for very long (about a month), but I'm loving it so far. Here are a couple that I've enjoyed:

Upper Body/Heavy Bag by pixie9 - Circuit workout alternating heavy bag cardio with upper body weights

Warming Up Step by jobockman - A low intensity step workout made up entirely of warm up segments from different workouts. I discovered it on a day when my back was bothering me and it was perfect...low impact, with lots of stretching. (kmperry50 has a Warming Up Step with Upper Body circuit that I also like a lot.)

There are several more that I have in my list to try. The blogger at 2 Lazy 4 The Gym has made a whole bunch of mixes that look great:

And I have a few that I've made myself that I've been enjoying as well:

ICY Low Impact Muscle Meltdown Step Circuit - Catchy name, huh? ;) This is a circuit using the ICE Low Impact Sweat Cardio 2 segments interspersed with all of the Muscle Meltdown Round 1 segments. There are two cardio segments before/after each body part.

Body Max 2 Steady State Step - All of the step combos plus the bonus step.

All Heavy Bag - All of Cathe's Heavy Bag segments with a warm up and stretch

What Workout Blender mixes are you enjoying? Let's hear 'em! :D

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