Workout Blender OnDemand Upgrade Tonight


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Announcement: OnDemand Workout Blender Update is Scheduled for Around 10 pm (eastern)Tonight
At around 10pm eastern tonight (2-14-16) we will begin a major upgrade to our OnDemand Workout Blender.

This upgrade will include the following:

1. Adding most of our DVD Premixes to the WB (Over 1000 premixes)
2. Fixed bug with Favorites not working properly
3. Ability to select favorite Premixes
4. You can now click an individual DVD cover and it will play. You no longer have to drag a video to have it play.

If things go as hoped (keeping fingers crossed) the upgrade should take less than 40 minutes. While the upgrade is going on the WB will be unavailable. Once the upgrade is complete you will need to refresh your browser and perhaps clear your Browser's Cache.


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*The Workout Blender upgrade is now complete. Make sure to first clear your browser's cache before launching the new WB. The first time you load the newly upgraded WB it will take a lot longer than normal because everything has to be re-cached. If you experience unusual stalling when playing a premix you may need to clear your browser's cache (if you didn't do already) because of the upgrade. Also, it will take several days for the premix chapter video files to spread over the internet to our cached media servers. Until this happens performance may be negatively affected.


OMG!!! Just when I thought the blender couldn't get any better. I love having the premixes in there, esp. since I did not purchase ICE. Thanks so much for all the hard work you've put into the blender, On Demand, and Cathe Live.

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