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Eureka! We've Done It!!! Over 1000 DVD Premixes Have Now Been Added To Our OnDemand Workout Blender

Ever since we created our first DVD Premix many years ago we have dreamed and planned on one day being able to do the same with what is now known as the Cathe OnDemand online streaming network.

Today we're excited to announce that after over a decade of work we have successfully added over 1000 DVD Premixes to our OnDemand Workout Blender. These 1000+ premixes represent about 97% of all the premixes we have on DVD.

Just a few month's ago we added the ability for you to create your own premixes and to share them with your fellow Cathletes in the OnDemand Workout Blender. We also made it possible to easily download premixes that other Cathletes have created. Now, with DVD Premixes added to the WB, the Workout Blender offers you the ability to create unlimited premixes and to enjoy over 1000 pre-made DVD Premixes . You can now actually do a different Cathe workout everyday for the rest of your life.

This Newest WB upgrade includes the following:

1. Added most of our DVD Premixes to the WB (Over 1000 premixes)
2. DVD Premix chapters shown for each "DVD Premix" after clicking on Premix
2. Fixed bug with Favorites not working properly
3. Ability to select favorite Premixes
4. You can now click an individual DVD cover and it will play. You no longer have to drag a video to have it play.

*The Workout Blender upgrade is now complete. Make sure to first clear your browser's cache before launching the new WB. The first time you load the newly upgraded WB it will take a lot longer than normal because everything has to be re-cached. If you experience unusual stalling when playing a premix you may need to clear your browser's cache (if you didn't do so already) because of the upgrade. Also, it will take several days for the premix chapter video files to spread over the internet to our cached media servers. Until this happens performance may be negatively affected.

The Workout Blender is the only program of its type that puts you in total control of your workouts content and length and to celebrate adding over 1000 DVD Premixes we're now offering a 15% Off coupon on our yearly streaming memberships (use coupon code save15). | Sign Up Now |


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Not every DVD Premix is available in the WB. We have about 97% of the DVD Premixes available. Some like, the Intensity series are not available at this time.
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