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We've created 77 Premixes for our Strong and Sweaty workout series, but now it's your turn to add to what we have done. If you're an online subscriber to Cathe OnDemand you can create your own Strong and Sweaty Premixes and share them with your fellow Cathletes. The possibilities are almost unlimited!

Our Workout Blender is one of the most unique tools in the fitness industry. Learn how to create and share your own Strong & Sweaty Premixes or how to download Premixes created by other Cathletes by clicking on the following link.

aqua girl

I've shared two that include segments from Some of the new workouts, along with segments from many others..
"Total Body Ball Workout" and Vertical Loading Workout".....

aqua girl

Since I am a workout blender addict, :), I just finished another blender workout using segments from Strong & Sweaty together with
alot of others: This one is based on Total Body Giant Sets and is called "Total Body Giant Sets-Workout Blender Version. After warmup,
it is 6 rounds. Instead of 3 rounds of legs tho', I did 2 and added in a round of Abs. The rounds are: 1. Legs, 2. Shoulders, 3. Back/Chest,
4. Legs, 5. Biceps/Triceps, 6. Abs. You will need step & your choice of risers for weight bench, weights, and a stability ball for some of
the exercises and stretch. About 48 min. If you try it, hope you like !

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