Perfect30 Update 10-23-20


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It's been a very busy week but thanks to our staff and a lot of hard work we're happy to tell you that Perfect30 is now available on all of our platforms. All DVDs shipped out on Wednesday, Oct 21st, and are now working their way to your home.

Downloads were made available yesterday and today we just made the main Perfect30 workouts available on Cathe OnDemand (Note: we still have to add the Perfect30 Premixes to Cathe OnDemand. We're also still working on the Workout Blender and the individual Perfect30 chapter videos. Currently, only the main workouts are available and working. It may take a few more days before we finish everything and you should expect to see numerous issues until we finish our work. We will update you once we're done.)

The FREE Perfect30 User's Guide is also now available to download at
We have now finished uploading all of our Perfect30 files and most things seem to be working including Premixes and the Workout Blender. You will probably need to force close your app to see the changes. The files may also take a few hours to propagate throughout the internet, but let us know if you see any issues? We still need to test everything on all devices, but it's late and this may have to wait till Monday.
They seem to be working a little better in the blender, except so far the Calf Raises 1 chapter in Lower Body
is still jumping all over the place !

ETA: In blender and in Lower Body workout and in Bonus Lower Body, these chapters still jumping all over the place:

Deadlifts with toes elevated, Calf Raises
in Bonus, Hamstring Presses, Banded Glute Squeezes (Could be others, these were ones I picked to blend. Also, all chapters still are very “grainy”. If that makes
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