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As we get ready to release our new Strong & Sweaty workouts we want to remind all download purchasers to read this post.

The day after the new DVDs begin shipping we will post a link and instructions for everyone who pre-ordered the downloads on how they can download their videos. Because of high demand you may want to wait until things slow down before attempting to download. Our servers will automatically clone themselves and expand to other servers as demand increases, but this can take 24 hours to happen.

In the past trying to download on the first day the downloads are released is a frustrating experience for most. It's best to be patient and wait till the servers clone themselves and then complete your downloads. We also strongly suggest you use a wired connection instead of wireless to download your files.

IMPORANT: If you have trouble trying to download you should stop and wait and not attempt to download again for at least several more hours and perhaps not till the next day. Until our files replicate to other servers around the world they will not be able to handle the extremely high demand. So, please be patient and don't waste all of your attempts trying to download on the first day.


I downloaded them and did the Cardio Slam this a.m. It's very diversified and keeps your heart rate up and it's fun


I only ordered one, Giant Steps, but I can't wait. Renee, it is nice to see you posting here. I moved to Catskill, NY on September 6th.

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