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  • Hi, I hope you are feeling better. I am going to join Taking it to the Max, as I was the last person to post on the Push It one. I love the one for those of use who have physical issues, but that one died. Thank you for telling me.
    I think any rotation would work. But I'm doing the les mills Combat rotation. But instead of their UB/LB I use Burn sets and LB Trisets.

    Mon: Combat 60
    Tue: Hiit 30 + Burn Sets
    Wed: Combat 45
    Thurs: Hiit 30+ Burn sets
    Fri: Combat 60
    Saturday: Combat 30 + Core/LB Tri sets ( some days I add core to Wednesdays )

    The LIS/Xtrain rotation is good too but I needed a more intermediate type of cardio and wanted my arms to kind of be skinnier vs. thick. Combat is a lot of punches and core.

    Have fun!
    I asked Cathe to delete Michael's photos, and all my albums were deleted. I have to get this computer backed up. Is our checkin dead, and should I post on another one?

    I am going crazy without a DVD player, and the new TV is not coming until the 17th. I have also been eating like crazy from frustration.
    You have a handsome DH, and I do not know if or when I will see Michael now, who wants me to pick him up. I have cash for a cheap car, but my wallet was stolen, and I can't get a driver's license, because my DMV was damaged by the hurricane, and I don't know when it will be open. I think Michael should get a car himself, but he lives in Brooklyn, and the train is right there. He should take public transportation to see me, the way he did the first two times.
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