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Get pumped up everyone!!! The containers full of our pre-sale goodies finally arrived! We spent the last two days unloading the containers and organizing our shipping assembly line.

Today we’ll begin the additional steps to bundle your Boss Loops and Boss Bands into their customized vinyl cases along with your accompanying Boss Bands and Boss Loops DVD’s.

The packing and shipping process is a bit more involved when both DVDs and fitness products are included, but we have our committed, hard-working team ready to go and will be ready to begin shipping out the first batch of pre-sale orders on Wednesday, August 18th!!!

If you haven’t already jumped on the “band” wagon, now is the time! The presale ends on August 18th! Pre-Order Now at
if you ordered only the DVDs, do they get shipped at the same time
As the full sets, or after the full sets get shipped. Also, if you picked UPS as
Shipping carrier, do they get shipped out as quickly as postal service orders or
All at the same time? First time I have used UPS and ordering only the DVDs....
Just curious.....

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