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    December's Rotation

    Dang it. I didn't copy the 12/05 rotation into my rotation log before it rolled off of the page. Can someone repost it please? TIA
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    January Rotation: Let's Work

    Gulp. Is it my imagination or does this make even August's boot camp look tame? LOL
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    The Announcement - FINALLY!

    I don't know if I'm more excited about Cathe's news as it relates to her long-term business plan or for me for the purely selfish reason that she's starting a presale tomorrow and the titles look good...VERY good!
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    August 05 Rotation Check In...Aug 4th

    I found myself falling asleep in a pretty important meeting yesterday that continued into today soooo, I accelerated Saturday's rest day (my week runs Sun - Sat) to today so I wouldn't be fighting Mr. Sandman. I'll do the freestyle tomorrow and the Imax 3 on Saturday so all I'll miss is Stretch...
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    Augsut '05 Rotation Check In for Augst 3rd!!!!!

    Today is my 4th day, so it was Imax 2 and Core Max 3 for me this AM. What a pleasant surprise that Imax 2 was only 8 intervals and not 10, so it ended a lot earlier than I was mentally geared up for. It felt very the time but now it's 5:30 PM (I did it at 4:30 AM) and I'm am...
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    August 2005 Rotation Check In 08/02/05

    I started this rotation on Sunday so today is day 3 for me. I woke up at about 4 AM and first was feeling a tad sore and starting thinking how could I justify blowing off the workout a mere 3 days into it. Well, I couldn't, so I got my sorry butt up, popped Step, Jump & Pump and Kick Max into...
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    Cathe! Your favorite shoes?

    >As far as older models, the one that I liked the best was the >Ryka Evolution and Re-Evolution. I have tried a number of >sources and haven't been able to find them anywhere. You may >be able to find the Stylus some places, but I wouldn't >recommend it. Not Cathe either but I totally...
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    March Rotation/Hardcore Series Celebration

    Thanks, Cathe. Looks great!
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    That tip helped me and also the going for the sensation of "blocking" the shoulders or "stacking" the hips on top of the shoulders as close to vertical as you can get. If you can get the hips on top of the shoulders, the feet will follow and you'll be in that lovely pike. So think shoulders first.
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    New DVD Update as of January 1 , 2005

    Yay!!!! Happy New Year.
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    Finally saw Cathe's co-production with The Step in my store

    I knew it was coming but hadn't seen it until today: The home version of The Step, Cathe's Body Fusion dvd, a resistance band and hand weights. I forgot to note the price though, sorry. This was the first time I have seen this kit in a store or anywhere quite frankly. It was very nice to see...
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    walking lunges

    These are great hotel room exercises. I did these my last trip and noted that I got in 7 lunges from one side of the room to the other. At first I thought 200 seemed endless and daunting but they went by really fast, truth be told.
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    Kick Max - First Pics

    Did I miss the discussion of the gloves? Are they weighted or just for show? I notice they only appear in *some* of the pictures but not all.
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    Stretch Max - First Pics

    Good to see Rhonda again! Love the non-black pants too. This one looks very interesting. A stretch workout with the stability ball. I like it.
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    New tapes look too hard!!

    That's what I love about Cathe's workouts--they are always just a little bit (and sometimes a LOT) too hard for me but every time I do them, the gap between my abilities and the workouts as demonstrated narrows. Doing those pikes on the ball seemed nigh impossible at first but now I can do them...