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    editing 1RM

    Is there an easy way to edit a 1RM, without going to the 1RM page and entering the weight and reps and hitting caluclate. Is there away to just go in and put a number in for your 1RM value?
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    What she said!!
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    Double Free Shipping When You Pre-Order XTRAIN

    How long will this offer be good? I will be out of the country from the 13th- 29th and won't have internet access! :(
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    XTrain Question

    additional question Was just wondering if this set of workouts will be set up like STS where we start with a 1 rep max and the program will tell us what weight to use?
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    I'll be here to answer your questions...

    How many people are signed up for Chicago RT? I can't wait!
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    Any MyFitnessPal users?

    Stacey I was wondering if you eat your exercise calories on mfp. I have been using this software for quite sometime and can't seem to lose anything. I lost 40 pounds on ww and then switched to this software and have been stuck. I have tried eating all the extra calories, only eating some...
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    low impact series on off days

    I do weights three days a week, sometimes Cathe's weight dvds and other times my own program. I like to do the low impact cardio workouts on the every other day and was wondering if the little bit of weight training that is included in Afterburn or Athletic training or even Drill max is too...
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    Nervous Newbie

    Thanks Jen, Yes, on most exercises I am to a point by the end that I can barely lift the last rep. On the ones that felt easy, I made notes and made adjustments. Ok....this is good to hear, I was afraid that I went through 4 weeks for nothing. ;) I am looking forward to the next sections...
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    Nervous Newbie

    Jen, As a veteran, I was wondering if when you did STS for the first time you were sore after every workout. I surprisingly have not. I have been a little sore here and there, but not near what I thought I would. This is the first time doing STS and I did do the 1 red max test, so...
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    shoes good for high impact aerobics

    Thanks...will look into these!
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    about to finish meso 1

    Ok...I am just about finished with meso 1 and I was wondering of those who have done the series, were you sore after every workout? Because I am surprised that I haven't been that sore and I did do the 1 rep max test for all exercises, so I should be at the correct weight while lifting. When I...
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    Shoulders, bi's & tri's workout

    I really got results with Slow Heavy! But am in the early stages of STS now.
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    shoes good for high impact aerobics

    I was wondering what are some of your favorite work out shoes that help with impact during HIIT. I have been wearing ECCO's, which I like for running but not totally for Hiit and other aerobic activities. I know CAth mentioned Ryka...does anyone remember which style?
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    Started sts today

    sissy, I am starting sts on monday and was wondering if you will be doing any cardio on the days that you do the workouts, or will you only do cardio on the off days? Also, what activity setting are you using on the workout manager? Tracy
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    Starting STS for the first time and have a couple questions

    First, I read the suggested cardio workouts posted by cathe and I plan on doing cardio on the the off days...tues, thurs, and sat, but I am used to doing cardio on my weight days as well. Does anyone out there doing STS do cardio on the weight days as well as on the off days? And second, if...