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    ICE rotation with spinning?

    Hi, I'm an avid cyclist who wants to keep spinning/outdoor cycling in my workout routine. I have the ICE DVD's and want to start with the All Ice Rotation - Level 1. This plan has 2 off days per week. My plan is to have 1 off day a week with 2 days of spinning and 4 days of ICE workouts. Any...
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  7. forum_admin

    ICE Calendar Stickers

    ICE Calendar stickers may now be downloaded at:
  8. forum_admin

    ICE Premixes Now Completed in The Workout Manager

    We have now finished adding all of the ICE Premixes and their chapters to our free online Workout Manager. This makes it possible for you to easily see exactly which exercises (chapters) were used in constructing each ICE Premix.
  9. mrschi

    Starting ICE 1/4/16

    Anyone starting ICE on Monday? I just got my program a couple of days ago, and this will be my FIRST Cathe program. I'm a little intimidated. I'm a Beachbody native - been doing their programs for years. I admit that I find the whole guide a bit hard to follow, and I'm not used to having to...
  10. forum_admin

    Three Ways to Enjoy Cathe's New ICE Workouts!

    Three Ways to Enjoy Cathe's New ICE Workouts! 1. Purchase ICE DVDs: 2. Purchase ICE Downloads: 3. Subscribe to Cathe OnDemand: Now In Stock! – ICE Discount Bundle Ships Worldwide for Free! “Cathe! You’ve done...
  11. forum_admin

    ICE Rotations Now In the Workout Manager

    We have now posted all 6 ICE rotations in the Workout Manager. Let us know of any mistakes you find so we can correct them.
  12. forum_admin

    ICE Videos Now in the Workout Manager

    We have now loaded the ICE video information into our Workout Manager. Currently, we have only added the basic ICE workouts. We still have to add the ICE Premixes and Rotations. Not sure when we will get everything done, but at least for now the main ICE workouts can be added to your workout...
  13. N

    Printed copy of manual?

    Would it be possible to offer a printed copy of the manual for an extra charge? I am thinking of something like an Amazon publishing option, where authors have hard copies made to order and thus there is no excess inventory. I am enjoying the ICE workouts, and have printed out pages from the...
  14. forum_admin

    Workout Blender Update

    We have now corrected the audio sync issue on the new ICE Chapter files in the Workout Blender. We were also not happy with the low quality chapter videos in the WB and have now replaced them too. Because we cache our video files on many servers around the world it may take a day or two for you...
  15. forum_admin

    Individual ICE Downloads Now Available

    You can now purchase individual ICE downloads at:
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    About Our New ICE Workouts!!!! All ICE DVDs Are Now In Stock! As many of you already know we finished shipping all of the ICE Pre-Sale DVDs on Friday, December 18th and many USA customers have already received their DVDs. Make sure to let us and your fellow Cathletes know what you think by...
  17. forum_admin

    ICE User's Manual is Now Up

    The ICE User's manual is now up at Just click on the button you will see to download your free copy
  18. forum_admin

    ICE Now On Roku

    If you are a Cathe OnDemand customer you can now watch ICE on Roku. (we support Roku 3). Order or learn more about our new ICE videos:
  19. forum_admin

    Late Night Update

    We have now added the ICE videos to the online Workout Blender, but not to our OnDemand video section. This means you can watch the new ICE videos in the WB, but won't see them yet when you go to our OnDemand video page. We will take care of the OnDemand section tomorrow, but thought we would at...
  20. forum_admin

    We're Done!

    It's now a little after 9 pm on Friday and the last USPS truck has just picked up the last of the ICE pre-sale orders. We're now completely done with all pre-sale DVD orders and most USA customers should receive their DVDs shortly. All International orders have also been sent, but they will take...