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About Our New ICE Workouts!!!!
All ICE DVDs Are Now In Stock!

As many of you already know we finished shipping all of the ICE Pre-Sale DVDs on Friday, December 18th and many USA customers have already received their DVDs. Make sure to let us and your fellow Cathletes know what you think by posting reviews in our forums and our website. If you haven't already done so you can now order ICE from our website | Order Now |

1. Where is the ICE User's Guide? : The Free online user's guide with 6 workout rotations, workout cards and Quick Start guide can now be downloaded at :

2. When will ICE be available on the Cathe OnDemand network? : The ICE workouts were made available on our OnDemand network on Sunday to all OnDemand subscribers. If you would like to subscribe click on the following link: | Subscribe Now |

3. When will the ICE Workouts be available in the Workout Blender? We added the ICE videos to the online Workout Blender on Sunday, but discovered an audio sync issue with the video files for the chapters. We're currently working on replacing the files, but this may take a few days to complete.If you have already made an ICE premix you don't have to redo it. The files will automatically update in a few days.

4. Are the ICE Workouts available on Roku for Subscribers? : Yes, the ICE workouts are now available on Roku for subscribers.

5. When will the ICE Workouts be added to the Workout Manager? We have not started working on this yet, but will update you in our forums when we have more information.

Here is How to Download Your Pre-sale Digital Downloads
1. If you pre-orderd ICE Downloads you were automatically sent a 5 digit code that you will need to claim your ICE downloads. If you only have a 4 digit code you will need to add a zero to the beginning of the number to make it 5 digits. If you have lost your code you will need to contact customer service.

2.The download link is . You will need to enter your code in the "Discount Code" field and follow the instructions to claim your ICE Pre-Sale downloads.

3. IMPORTANT! - The link for the Bonus ICE - Rock’m Sock’m Kickbox: Muscle Meltdown - Triceps currently does not work. The problem is caused by a bug in the third party shopping cart we use. We have contacted their support to fix the issue, but we're not sure when or if they can or will fix the issue. In the meantime we have come up with our own fix. If you get an error message when you try the above link here is what you need to do:

In the same browser window that you see the error message you need to change the URL address at the top of the page. Replace "elara" with "www" ( don't include the quotes) and then press your enter key. Your file should then download. If you have exhausted your attempts you will need to contact customer support at [email protected]
I just tried the fix for downloading Rock’m Sock’m Kickbox: Muscle Meltdown - Triceps, but I got the error message after replacing elara with www.
Please post here as soon as the Workout Blender works with the ICE videos. I'll hold off blending more until it's fixed. Thanks.
I just tried the fix for downloading Rock’m Sock’m Kickbox: Muscle Meltdown - Triceps, but I got the error message after replacing elara with www.
you have to replace elara with www not "www. " Also, the error message will still be on your screen, but the file will download. If you still have an issue contact customer service and they can help you.
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