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Anyone starting ICE on Monday? I just got my program a couple of days ago, and this will be my FIRST Cathe program. I'm a little intimidated. I'm a Beachbody native - been doing their programs for years. I admit that I find the whole guide a bit hard to follow, and I'm not used to having to download and figure things out on my own. But, I do take control of my fitness, and I'm no stranger to making up hybrids with the programs I already have.

Any advice on how to follow the guide is appreciated. I decided to start with Level One.

I ordered my step for the program, and it's here; just waiting on my bands.
Looking forward to starting tomorrow. I've been a bit lazy over vacation, skipping a workout on both Christmas and New Year's Day.

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Day 1 - kickboxing. I liked this workout for a few reasons. It was low impact, but kept us moving the entire time, which my heart AND body liked. It was familiar to me - similar to some of the Beachbody workouts I've done. But, it had enough differences to keep it interesting. I like Cathe's enthusiasm.

What's a little weird is that it felt like I was in a gym doing the workout with her - not sure if the BB workouts I've done have that same feel. I guess because she does the workout with you the entire time and the camera angles.

Overall, I give it a thumbs up.

Starting a Whole30 also today. I'm at about 115 pounds and want to lose maybe 7 pounds, and an inch off my hips and waist. (hips around 36" and waist around 26".)
Lea - I think Cathe has charisma. She is so likeable and easygoing. I definitely like her style.

A challenging workout today with Chiseled Upper Body and Icy Core 1. I had to go lower than Cathe on some of the moves -- and I thought I was in pretty good shape! I look forward to being able to do all of Icy Core 1. I had to stop or do fewer reps for some of the moves. I guess abs aren't my strong point at the moment.

Glad I started with Month 1!
Hi, Lea. I've done many BB programs over the years. Most recently, I did a 9+-week hybrid with Body Beast and PiYo. During that last week, I threw in 1 Brazil Butt Lift and 2 Turbo Fire workouts in.

Yes, I'm doing Week 1, Level 1.
Heading to my garage gym to do Chiseled Upper Body, I am doing her January rotation and started also on Monday. So far so good.
This morning, I did the Metabolic Total Body workout for the second time. I LOVE it. I was wishing I had more time to add on some of the Bonus options and Pre-mixes.
I am really loving this ICE Series a lot!!!

Make it a great day!!
Lea - I liked the discus throw. But, what I found really weird was the move where you hold up one arm straight and you are bent over and you are moving the other weight up and down your leg (hope that makes sense). I couldn't really hold my arm up straight, but I did better on one side than the other.

Tomorrow, I have Metabolic Total Body
Metabolic Total Body today. Can you say - WOW!? That workout was tough, and I actually had to pause the DVD 3 times to catch my breath. Those girls were swinging around 10s and 12s like it was no big deal. I had to go down on several, especially during the end.

Once I am able to do that workout all of the way through without pausing, I will be in such good shape. I NEVER have to pause. The fact that I did shows this kicks butt!
Lea -
HOOYAH! This morning I did "Boot Camp Circuit" for the first time. My favorite exercise is the last one: "Squat With Knee Twist"--it's groovy. There is a lot of equipment to manage and I was a little slow dialing in the weight on my Bowflex Select Tec weights. In addition, I workout in a basement with a low ceiling so I had to get on my knees to do the overhead presses and modify the arms on the step. Before I knew it, it was over and the stretching felt great.
Sounds intense. Look forward to trying next week.
Today was To The Mat: Legs & Glutes. It was tough from the start. It is listed as 49 minutes, but I wonder if that really is the case? It seems to fly by. Also, as I was doing it, I kept wondering how many more exercises could she actually come up with on the mat? Well, turns out it is a lot! :)

Tomorrow is Cardio 1.

I haven't been good in getting a lot of steps in. It has been raining here a lot. I try to do laps indoors, but it's not really good. I look forward to the sun coming out this weekend, although it will still be good.
Low Impact Cardio 1 today, then Abs 2. I found this the easiest of the ICE workouts I've done so far. But, I REALLY appreciated having everything low impact. I am so tired of programs where everything has to be about jumping; although it would be great to keep up, my body prefers it when I'm nice to it.

Later in the morning, I met a friend for a walk. It is very beautiful here - sunny and low 50s. After our walk, I went out again with our dogs. It's a shame to waste the weather after the entire week of rain we had.

So, starting Week 2, Level 1 on Monday, and I look forward to trying 3 new workouts!
Hello! Today was Week 2, Level 1 of ICE, with Cardio 2 and Icy Core 2. I think I finally figured out how the DVDs work, so that I could get in the warm up, workout, abs, and then stretch, in that order. I am amazed that this particular DVD has at least 33 different ways you could do the workouts on this disc. I LOVE that option to be able to mix it up depending on your time, workout desire, and fitness ability.

Now, if only I could get my eating in line, I would be great. I've been trying to do most days a Whole30, but I think I'm successful in doing maybe 2 days a week like that, rather than the 4-5 which is my goal. I will continue to try, everyday. I'm at 114 pounds, and I want to get down to a comfortable 110 as my highest. I'll be 48 in less than two weeks, and I don't want to settle for my weight creeping up every year, because by the time I'm in my 60s, I'll be wanting to be at a comfortable 130 or something! Anyway, we are going to Hawaii and then Florida in less than 8 weeks, and I have to look bikini ready! :)

So, tomorrow is Chiseled Upper Body, which is the first time I will be repeating any workout (other than Icy Core 2). I'm already so much in better shape; I haven't had to pause the DVD, but today at the very end I did have to march in place during the last set up lunges off of the bench. That is so much better than last week, when I remember pausing the DVD 3 times during my first workout!
Hi, Lea! I did Chiseled Upper Body, too! I am amazed how much better in shape I felt doing it this week than last. I was able to use all of the same weights as Cathe did, except I stuck with 5s on the shoulder press to tricep extensions. And, I went up to 10s (instead of 8s) on the chest flys. It was great! I still don't know the point of the windmill move (the 2nd move in the workout). I THINK it is supposed to be working the shoulder that is holding the weight overhead. It's awkward!

Anyway, kind of bummed that tomorrow is a "rest" day. I'm having fun. But, I imagine that I will need that rest before Bootcamp Circuit. That should be fun but hard.
Today's my rest day. It feels good having two days off in a week. I know that's only for Level One, though. So, I'm enjoying it while I can.

Work is slow today, so I'm getting a few chores done around the house, getting a few calls made. I love working at home and having the luxury to do that.
Today was Boot Camp Circuit for the first time. This was a challenging workout. I'm not used to working with a step, so that was a great leg challenge. I paused the DVD once in the middle for a longer chance to catch my breath. I thought this workout was more about the cardio element than anything else.

After feeling so energized all week, I'm really tired this afternoon. Not sure why, and it is a little frustrating. I just want to take a nap, but I was going to try and put in a few hours of work this afternoon. Not sure now if that will happen.

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