Printed copy of manual?


Would it be possible to offer a printed copy of the manual for an extra charge? I am thinking of something like an Amazon publishing option, where authors have hard copies made to order and thus there is no excess inventory.

I am enjoying the ICE workouts, and have printed out pages from the manual.
I believe someone stated that you can send the file to Staples and they will print a black and white copy for about $7. I'm sure they can do a nicer one for more money. You may want to look into that option.
I printed mine, I did run out of ink and had to run to Staples and get new ink!!!! I didn't print the rotations or the workout cards....I don't need those now....but there's always the option to print them later....
I only printed out the pages I need. I also ran out of ink. I love that Staples delivers free the next day. I live a little far from mine, so it's easier to have it delivered.

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