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    Preorder for workout blender workouts?

    Me too, Vee!
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    It's a hoppin place here !!!!!!

    Wow! Cathe - 7!! My eldest baby is now aiming at 9, and her baby sister is 6. It's amazing how fast they grow!! I'm sure it's a hoppin and a buzzin! I can't wait until tomorrow when mine are supposed to arrive!!
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    Any other frustrated customers out there?

    Laura, You have every right to express your frustration. Our feelings are our own, no need to feel ashamed. It does actually sound like there was a problem with your order, and if you hadn't acted on the red-flag event of seeing higher-number orders going out ahead of yours, then you...
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    Are the Presale workouts being filmed? How is it going?

    Anybody? Bueller?
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    Are the Presale workouts being filmed? How is it going?

    I'm curious to hear what's been done, and how the various workouts have turned out. Thanks for any information - Leela
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    Cardio or weights? What's the best for getting lean?

    I think that there is no solid answer here. I think having the elements of strength,c ardio and balance are all valuable because of the different benefits working together giving that complete picture, but for each of us, we have to find that mix that makes us happy and gives us the results we...
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    Cathe's Hair Style

    Wearing hair pieces looks like fun. I am fine wiwth how my hair looks, but have often thought extension might be fun for a while... to me, it's just an accessory. I'm trying to grow my hair longer. I actually am planning as a 40th birthday present to myself to highlight my hair for the...
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    Cathe, please help with a "my koints are killing me" question

    RE: Cathe, please help with a I'm not Cathe either. However, I found that some of Cathe's workouts hurt me a lot a while back, and I finally found shoes that I can do her cardio in that don't hurt me. I'm nearly 39, have flat feet, and I find if I do Cathe Cardio wearing Capezio dance...
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    Growing old with Cathe

    I also hope to grow old with Cathe. i'm *really* young. I'm about to turn 39. I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life.
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    KPC/Legs & Glutes SJP/Step Blast Muscle Endurance/Bootcamp Slow and heavy or pure strenght
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    Hi Everyone!

    Eager for updates Now that I know that filming is upon us, I can't wait. Of course - I can - but I can't. Leela
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    Unfortunate "side effect" of Cardio Kicks/Circuit Max

    Wow... You look fantastic! Very inspiring. I lost 10 pounds on WW and have 8 to go, but looking at you recharges my resolve. As far as your stress incontinence. I've had it ever since I had kids. I just got a rebounder and holy moley how that seems to emphasizee it, but I also...
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    A Very Sad Day!

    This is horribly sad. Cathe, I can't even imagine. I have a black lab (8 yo Emma) and the very idea makes me heart hurt. I know Dakota and Hampton are having a beautiful time together, but the ache in your lives must be tremendous. Emma is sending over a big wet face lick right now...
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    How many hours a week do you workout?

    My rest day isn't sunday... It usually moves around depending on how busy I am.
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    calories burned?

    I wore my HRM during KPC, and I burned about 400 calories throughout the whole thing (including abs & stretch) I'm 5'4.75 and 130 pounds, 38 yrs old.