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    STEP BOSS Online User's Guide

    The Free online user's guide with 4 workout rotations, workout cards, and Quick Start Guide can now be downloaded by clicking on this link:
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    STEP BOSS is Now On Cathe OnDemand and in Our Workout Blender! - Time to Make Your Own Premixes Cathletes!

    Hi Everyone, Last Tuesday we finished shipping all of the STEP BOSS pre-sale DVDs and made the downloads available the following day. Yesterday, we launched all three STEP BOSS videos and their bonus videos on our Cathe OnDemand network and added all of the STEP BOSS workouts and premixes to...
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    Here is How To Download Your Pre-Sale Cathe Downloads

    You can now download your pre-sale STEP BOSS downloads at | Click Here | (*see instructions below) If you pre-ordered the STEP BOSS Downloads you were automatically sent a 6 digit code when you pre-ordered that you will need to claim your STEP BOSS downloads. If you have lost your code you will...
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    All STEP BOSS Pre-Sale Orders Are Shipping Today

    Hip hip hooray!!! It’s Step Boss shipping day!!!!! All Santa’s elves came together and created some miracles today. We are all stuffed, sealed and ready for our packages to get picked up. It’s just about time to double knot your laces and run to your mailboxes, everybody. The STEP BOSS User's...
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    STEP BOSS DVDs Are Now In Stock

    The truck delivering the STEP BOSS DVDs has now finished its cross-country journey and has arrived at our facility in New Jersey. Our staff is now unloading the truck and soon will begin processing your orders. Though no orders will ship out today we will be working through the evening and...
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    Are You Ready For Step Boss Launch Week?

    Our staff has been working since Friday on printing labels, attaching them to padded shipping envelopes, double-checking orders for mistakes, and doing all the prep-work necessary to ship all the pre-sale orders in record time. This will reduce the amount of time to ship pre-sale orders by 80%...
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    Video Clip From the STEP BOSS Bonus Intermediate Step Workout

    This video clip is from Cathe's STEP BOSS Bonus Intermediate Step workout that is for those exercisers who want to challenge themselves with STEPsync but need a slower start. The combos in this bonus will be easier to grasp but will most definitely still be a challenge! Don’t forget that today...
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    All STEP BOSS Pre-Sale Prices End December 13th

    A reminder that tomorrow is the last day to pre-order STEP BOSS. After tomorrow you will have to pay the full retail price to purchase STEP BOSS. !! Pre-Order Cathe's STEP BOSS Workout DVDs now at
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    Important: Make Sure To Read This Important Update About STEP BOSS!

    Hi Everyone, We have some good news to report this morning. The STEP BOSS DVD production is scheduled to be completed early this morning and will be loaded onto a truck in California later today to begin the cross-country journey to our facility here in New Jersey. As of the last report, the...
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    Video Clip From Cathe's STEP BOSS Bonus Extended Chair Stretch

    STEP BOSS features two bonus extended stretch videos. This video clip is of the Bonus Extended Chair Stretch which is included on the STEP BOSS IMAX 4 DVD. ✅ If You're Planning On Pre-Ordering Step Boss You’re Running Out of Time! All Pre-Sale Prices End December 13th. Here’s How to Avoid...
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    Video Clip of STEP BOSS Bonus Abs #2 and a Project Update

    Tonight we wanted to share with you the video clip from STEP BOSS Bonus Abs #2 which is included on the STEP BOSS IMAX 4 DVD and to give you the latest news on the production run for the STEP BOSS DVDs. The replicator just informed us that the STEP BOSS production run will start tomorrow and...
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    Video Clip From Step Boss IMAX 4

    Here is the IMAX 4 Video Clip From Cathe's New STEP BOSS Workouts! If You're Planning On Pre-Ordering Step Boss You’re Running Out of Time! Here’s How to Avoid Missing Out!!! Pre-Order Cathe's STEP BOSS Workout DVDs now at This high energy, solid low impact workout keeps...
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    Cathe Friedrich's Bonus Ab Stacker Workout

    This video clip is from Cathe’s STEP BOSS bonus Ab Stacker workout which is included on the STEP BOSS PHA 3 and Step Sync Workouts. Ab Stacker utilizes the risers from your step for added resistance in a unique and different way to strengthen and tone your entire core region. If You're Planning...
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    STEP BOSS Masters Are Being Sent To The Replicator Tomorrow!

    We want to let everyone who pre-ordered STEP BOSS know that we have finished proofing and making our final corrections of all the STEP BOSS DVDs today. This means we should be able to send all of the masters to the replicator tomorrow. Once the replicator receives the masters and artwork from...
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    IMAX 4 Features Fourteen Premixes

    *Become a STEP BOSS and Fall in Love With Fitness Again! Learn more at Basic Premixes Main Workout + Extended Chair Stretch – 57:36 Main Workout + Bonus Abs #2 – 54:34 Main Workout + Bonus Abs #2 + Extended Chair Stretch – 67:34 Timesaver Premixes Timesaver #1: First...
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    STEP BOSS PHA 3 Premixes

    STEP BOSS PHA 3 comes with the following 15 Premixes Basic Premixes Main Workout + Extended Lying Stretch - 60:31 Main Workout + Ab Stacker Abs – 64:11 Main Workout + Ab Stacker Abs + Extended Lying Stretch - 69:59 Timesaver Premixes Timesaver #1: First Half Only – 32:32 Timesaver #2: Last...
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    Step Boss Project Update - 11- 11-19

    Later today we expect to finish the authoring and final phase of the STEP BOSS project. We will still have to spend several days proofing, testing and fixing any errors and problems we find, but we should be able to send off the masters to the replicator early next week. Once the replicator...
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    Get 42% Off STEP BOSS- Only 2 Days Left!

    Pre-Order My New STEP BOSS Aerobic Step Workout Videos and Fall in Love With Fitness Again. Act Now! Pre-Sale Prices end Nov 1st Learn more at
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    STEP BOSS Intermediate Step Workout

    Pictured here Cathe and Jai having fun during the intermediate step workout This 21-minute step workout was designed to be the stepping stone workout to help prepare you for the elements in Step Sync. It’s also a perfect stand-alone workout for when you’re short on time and want a fun and peppy...
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    Step Boss Plank Stacking

    Did you know that you can make planks more challenging and fun by using your step’s risers? In the STEP BOSS Ab Stacker Bonus Abs workout you will do an exercise we call “plank stacking” to challenge and strengthen your core in a unique and different way. *Become a STEP BOSS and Fall in Love...