Thanks for your vote of confidence:).....but I'm not sure, I tried it and felt weird
To me...but maybe I wasn't doing it right.....

Oh, I already see something I might have done wrong, it looks like the risers are
Kind of in front of your hands.....I had them to the sides...maybe I better wait, huh?
I agree with aqua girl, planks are hard. For me,
some are doable and others are impossible. Time will tell which category these planks will fall into.
I always try to "embrace the challenge", but sometimes things just don't feel right, I guess it depends on each
person's body and mobility limitations, if any. I believe Cathe also has said at times, "modify when necessary"and that's what I try to do too. It all works....:)
So, are they stacking the risers one on top of the other in a plank? It's a new one on me! Not sure.... But I love the ab add-ons that come with Cathe workouts.
Hi Pippi,

Yes, stacking the risers is part of the plank exercise. This dynamic enhancement adds intensity and makes this move more challenging for your entire core region.

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