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    Newbie Ab Question and Thanks

    First, I've only been lifting since March (heavy work and travel season for me so even less than it sounds). I found Cathe at our local library--but I committed and have grown so much BECAUSE OF YOU CATHLETES! Thank you so much for your generosity, kindness, encouragement, and cleverness on...
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    Video Clip Of Cathe's Core Flow Express Live Workout

    Core Flow Express This core intensive stretch routine will get you long and strong. Be prepared to break a little sweat as you work your way through movements that will challenge the core while also bringing length and flexibility to your hard-worked muscles. Equipment Needed: Mat Learn...
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    Cathe Friedrich's Bonus Ab Stacker Workout

    This video clip is from Cathe’s STEP BOSS bonus Ab Stacker workout which is included on the STEP BOSS PHA 3 and Step Sync Workouts. Ab Stacker utilizes the risers from your step for added resistance in a unique and different way to strengthen and tone your entire core region. If You're Planning...
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    STEP BOSS Superman's With a Step Riser

    This is a pick Jai doing a Superman with a step riser for added intensity during the bonus abs of STEP BOSS *If You're Planning On Pre-Ordering Step Boss You’re Running Out of Time! Here’s How to Avoid Missing Out!!! https://bit.ly/2WNcAVC
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    Step Boss Plank Stacking

    Did you know that you can make planks more challenging and fun by using your step’s risers? In the STEP BOSS Ab Stacker Bonus Abs workout you will do an exercise we call “plank stacking” to challenge and strengthen your core in a unique and different way. *Become a STEP BOSS and Fall in Love...
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    STEP BOSS Stacking Oblique Rotations

    This is another pic from the AB Stacker bonus ab video in STEP BOSS. In this pic Cathe, Jenn A., and Jenn D. are once again using the steps risers to work their obliques by moving the stack of risers, one at a time, from one side of their body to the other. *Become a STEP BOSS and Fall in Love...
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    Stacking Crunches in STEP BOSS Bonus Abs

    This is a pic of Jenn A., Cathe, and Jenn D. doing stacking crunches during one of the bonus ab sections in STEP BOSS. We’ve used the original health club step in our videos for over 30 years, but until now the step risers have only been used to elevate your step or hold your stability ball...
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    LITE Features Two Bonus Ab Workouts

    We originally planned on offering only one bonus abs workout on the LITE series, but we changed our mind and decided on adding two bonus ab LITE workouts. This pic is from bonus Abs #1. *You can pre-order Cathe's new Intermediate LITE workouts or learn more at...
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    Try Something Different With Fit Split Bonus Abs

    The Bonus Abs in Fit Split feature some of most unique core exercises that have ever been included in our DVDs and videos. To train your core effectively you need to hit your ab muscles from a variety of angles with different exercises. This 12:29 bonus ab workout will challenge your core region...
  10. E

    Working rectus abdominis & avoiding oblique muscles

    hi! So I've been doing ab workouts for about a year and included side bends without understanding which muscles they work. Because of this, I've accidentally grown my oblique muscles. I honestly don't like the way this looks, it makes my waist appear larger than it really is (definitely muscle...
  11. nckfitheart2009

    Upcoming project --- Abs/Core

    Hi Cathe, I do not have any question as such.:):) I just wanted to thank you so much about these article of yours below. I do have a suggestion though!:);) http://cathe.com/are-standing-abdominal-exercises-more-effective-than-floor-ab-exercises...
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    ICY Core 2

    This is a picture from Icy Core 2. The ICE series comes with two bonus ab routines. We will include either Icy Core 1 or Icy Core 2 on each ICE DVD, so you will always have a core option on every ICE DVD. I'm not sure if my notes are correct on this one, but I think Icy Core 2 came in at around...
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    ICY Core Bonus Abs

    Not only will you work your core during each of the 6 ICE Boot Camp rounds, but we will also have an 11 min. Icy Core bonus ab section on this DVD. *If you would like to learn more about Cathe's ICE workouts, or to take advantage of our pre-sale, just click on the following link...