Working rectus abdominis & avoiding oblique muscles


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So I've been doing ab workouts for about a year and included side bends without understanding which muscles they work. Because of this, I've accidentally grown my oblique muscles. I honestly don't like the way this looks, it makes my waist appear larger than it really is (definitely muscle, not fat). What can I do to reduce the oblique muscle size (and make it go away completely, allowing my torso to go back to the way it was before I built these muscles), while also working on toning my rectus abdominis (middle abs)? I love the look of a tight and toned stomach, but I don't really want any muscles [poking out] and absolutely am trying to avoid working the oblique (side abs). I want a toned stomach and a small waist, but no side ab muscles. How can I achieve this look? Any tips to "cinch" my ab muscles inward, creating a toned stomach look but no "ab muscle protruding outward" look.
Attached is an image of what I mean by toned stomach, without the oblique (side ab) muscles.


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