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The Bonus Abs in Fit Split feature some of most unique core exercises that have ever been included in our DVDs and videos. To train your core effectively you need to hit your ab muscles from a variety of angles with different exercises. This 12:29 bonus ab workout will challenge your core region in ways most of you have never done before.

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So excited-love some new unique core moves...I think I see a pic in the collage of the bear crawls Cathe did in last week's live class-loved those! All of these look like a lot of fun & look killer!!!
For entirely selfish reasons, I was really hoping for more standing core work with weight plates and such, like Cathe offers up on LIVE. My scoliosis & pelvic issues makes theses 'animal' themed/all fours/quadruped movements just far too awkward. They do look quite fun though! :) Cathe, of course, makes it all look so pretty. Even the wicked glider work!! lol.
I agree with ya' 100% Elsie... what was I just saying yesterday about bear crawls!!! Maybe she shows or
Mentions a modification, my wrists really have a problem with them. I love standing ab/core work..
Hi Aqua girl,

We will answer questions about chaptering and premixes somewhere down the road. We haven't started the DVD authoring phase yet and we like to wait until we do so we can answer questions like this more accurately.
Thank you so much Cathe for your innovation and videos!! I am so excited for these new ones. I have had beachbody on demand for several months now and about 3 months in I realized I really didn’t want to keep going. While variety is important. I love the quality and style of your productions, they really keep me going, I have been using primarily my running trail and your videos for 9 years now. I most enjoy the quality and variety!!! your proper warmups, the non- showy style, (not every body is from the us) and the lack of ads for Shakeology. There is also something I can’t articulate but other than one BB instructor, I was unable to follow through with any programs, whereas I can stick through your STS!

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