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    What brand sliders is Cathe using in her Fit Split Series?

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    Create and Share Your Own Fit Split Premix!

    We've created 48 Premixes for our Fit Split workout series, but now it's your turn to add to what we have done. If you're an online subscriber to Cathe OnDemand you can create your own Fit Split Premixes and share them with your fellow Cathletes. The possibilities are almost unlimited! Can't...
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    Fit Split User's Guide

    The Fit Split User's Guide is now up. You can download the pdf or view on your computer/tablet at: If you're planning on printing the pdf we suggest waiting a few days so we can make any corrections to any typos or errors we find. *You can order Cathe's new Fit Split...
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    Fit Split & Ripped With HiiT One Month Rotation

    Fit Split & Ripped With HiiT One Month Rotation: This rotation combines the variety of the Fit Split series with the intensity of the Ripped w/HiiT series and the result is one TOUGH month of workouts that are sure to crush some calories and blast away some body fat! HiiT routines add up fast...
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    Fit Split & XTrain 60 Day Rotation

    Fit Split/ XTrain Two Month Rotation: This eight- week rotation combines the Fit Split Series with the XTrain Series. This mix will surely put your strength and endurance to the test. Each week is jam packed with a variety of intense cardio routines, heavy lifting and focused core training. The...
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    Fit Split is now On Roku

    We've now added all of the Fit Split workouts to our Roku OnDemand Chanel. Let us know if you experience any problems? *Get 24/7 Instant Access To Cathe OnDemand and Start Building The Body You've Always Wanted! Over 300 premium workouts, 179 Cathe Live workouts, 1800 premix workouts. Sign Up...
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    Download Fit Split series - when?

    Hi .. I have a download code .. when and how do I download the Fit Split series? Thanks.. you can tell I'm a newbie to the site!?
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    Cathe’s January 2018 Fit Split Rotation

    Happy New Year Everyone! Since so many of you ordered the Fit Split workouts I thought I would do a solid Fit Split rotation this month. If you don’t have the Fit Split series, please enjoy one of my past rotations. We hope to have this in the user’s guide with links later this week. | view...
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    Fit Split is now on Cathe OnDemand!

    We've now uploaded the Fit Split videos to our OnDemand network, Workout Blender and most of our apps. We've been pretty busy today with the Cathe Live broadcast and dealing with the snow storm that is affecting most of the east coast, so we haven't had a lot of time to to make sure everything...
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    Here is How to Download Your Pre-Sale Fit Split Digital Downloads

    If you pre-orderd Fit Split downloads you were automatically sent a 5 digit code when you pre-ordered that you will need to claim your Fit Split downloads. If you have lost your code you will need to contact customer service. The download link is as follows: Fit Split "4" Workout Bundle (plus...
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    Fit Split Shipping Update

    Just want to thank everyone who pre-ordered the Fit Split series and let you know that all Fit Split pre-sale orders have now been shipped. We would also like to thank our staff that have worked non-stop since yesterday to make this possible. We will post a link to the Fit Split downloads...
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    Last Chance! Current Fit Split Pre-Sale Prices End Today

    This is it! Today is your absolute last chance to Pre-Order Cathe's new Fit Split DVDs. Fit Split prices will go up to our regular rates starting tomorrow * current pre-sale prices end today, 12-27-17. Act Now and save!
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    Fit Split DVD Shipping Alert!!!

    The Fit Split DVD's left the duplicator last Friday and are scheduled to arrive here at our facility in New Jersey tomorrow evening. As long as this happens we will begin shipping the pre-sale Fit Split DVD orders the following day on Thursday, December 28th. Truck deliveries don't always happen...
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    Fit Split DVD Shipping Alert!

    We've just heard from the DVD duplicator in California that they have finished the production run for 3 of the DVDs and the 4th and last DVD should be finished in just a few more hours. Everything will then move immediately to packaging with the goal of loading the DVDs on to a truck either...
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Mixed Impact Cardio & Pull Day Workout

    Get ready to kick things into high gear with a high energy, mixed impact cardio routine! This workout will layer higher and lower impact movements with steady state recovery movements while allowing little time for downtime! This DVD will also include a pull training weight routine segment to...
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Shred Cardio & Push Day Workout

    Get ready to hit the deck and take your cardio workout to new heights. You're sure to work up a sweat while having a major "blast"! This DVD will also include your push training workout. Your chest, shoulders & triceps will be worked to the max in this routine as well as your quadriceps! *You...
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Low Impact Cardio & Metabolic Conditioning Workout

    This DVD will begin with a low impact cardio segment which will include new and favorite HiiT movements to challenge your stamina while being gentler on your joints. The cardio will be followed by a metabolic weight routine that will have a strong upper body focus. *You can pre-order Cathe's...
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    Fit Split DVD Cover

    Here is the Fit Split DVD cover for the 4 pack bundle which features a live action shot of Cathe during the Fit Split Boxing Boot Camp / Legs & Glutes workout. On the back of the cover the workout times for each section of the video are shown as is the equipment needed for each workout. *You...
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    Fit Split Bonus Abs

    This video clip is from Fit Split Bonus Abs which is featured on two of the Fit Split DVDs: Boxing Boot Camp / Legs & Glutes and Low Impact Cardio & Metabolic Conditioning. *You can pre-order Cathe's new Fit Split series or learn more at: Act Now!
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Fit Split Boxing Bootcamp & Legs & Glutes Workout

    This Fit Split video will kick off with an intense boxing routine! You'll move quickly through a series of cardio drills and combos in full boxing/kickboxing style! You will then continue with a lower body focused weight routine that is sure to tighten and strengthen your entire lower body...