Fit Split DVD Shipping Alert!!!


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The Fit Split DVD's left the duplicator last Friday and are scheduled to arrive here at our facility in New Jersey tomorrow evening. As long as this happens we will begin shipping the pre-sale Fit Split DVD orders the following day on Thursday, December 28th. Truck deliveries don't always happen as scheduled, so don't be alarmed if this date gets pushed back a few days, especially if the truck runs into bad weather.

We're going to start printing shipping labels early so when the DVDs arrive we can fly through the orders. Make sure to contact us today if you have moved since you pre-orded so that we can change your address in our system. Don't attempt to do this yourself as it will not work. Address changes for a pre-sale order can only be done by us.

Lastly, our Pre-Sale prices will end tomorrow and increase to $59.95 . So this is your last chance to pre-order:

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