1. ~Elsie

    Any other non-U.S customers still patiently waiting?

    Hi .. Just wondering if there are others out there waiting on their Boss bands & loops Dvds with me? :confused: I'm in Canada and UPS is 5-6 times slower than USPS-Canada Post. Still feels like awhile though.
  2. forum_admin

    Perfect30 DVD Shipping Alert!!!

    Hip hip hooray!!! All Perfect30 pre-sale orders have now been processed and the postal service has already picked up all of the USPS orders. We have a few UPS orders that will be picked up later today. So this means all Perfect30 pre-sale orders will be on their way to you starting today. We...
  3. forum_admin

    Welcome to Cathe's Perfect30 Launch Week- Are You Ready!!!

    We're excited to announce that this week we plan to launch our Cathe's Perfect30 workouts on all platforms, but this is not all we have planned for this week! We're also announcing today our plans for a November 2020 Virtual Zoom Cathe Road Trip, details about the 2021 Cathe Calendar pre-sale...
  4. forum_admin

    All STEP BOSS Pre-Sale Orders Are Shipping Today

    Hip hip hooray!!! It’s Step Boss shipping day!!!!! All Santa’s elves came together and created some miracles today. We are all stuffed, sealed and ready for our packages to get picked up. It’s just about time to double knot your laces and run to your mailboxes, everybody. The STEP BOSS User's...
  5. forum_admin

    Packing the LITE DVDs

    It starts in the filming studio and it ends in the filming studio. Shipping normally takes place in another part of our building, but for pre-sales, we also use our filming studio so that we can ship as many videos as fast as possible. Our staff is working hard this evening so that we can ship...
  6. forum_admin

    Fit Split Shipping Update

    Just want to thank everyone who pre-ordered the Fit Split series and let you know that all Fit Split pre-sale orders have now been shipped. We would also like to thank our staff that have worked non-stop since yesterday to make this possible. We will post a link to the Fit Split downloads...
  7. forum_admin

    Fit Split DVD Shipping Alert!!!

    The Fit Split DVD's left the duplicator last Friday and are scheduled to arrive here at our facility in New Jersey tomorrow evening. As long as this happens we will begin shipping the pre-sale Fit Split DVD orders the following day on Thursday, December 28th. Truck deliveries don't always happen...
  8. forum_admin

    Fit Split DVD Shipping Alert!

    We've just heard from the DVD duplicator in California that they have finished the production run for 3 of the DVDs and the 4th and last DVD should be finished in just a few more hours. Everything will then move immediately to packaging with the goal of loading the DVDs on to a truck either...
  9. forum_admin

    All Fit Tower™ Pre-Sale DVDs Have Now Shipped!!!

    The post office just picked up all of the Fit Tower™ pre-sale orders and they will soon be in your hands. We will provide a download link tomorrow so that those of you that pre-ordered the Fit Tower™ downloads can download your videos. We're currently working on adding the Fit Tower™ workouts to...
  10. forum_admin

    The New Advanced Fit Tower™ DVDs Have Arrived!!!

    We just received the new Fit Tower™ DVDs and we've started processing all of your pre-sale orders. DVDs will not ship until tomorrow, but we hope to finish processing all pre-sale orders by tomorrow so that we can ship everyone who pre-ordered the new advanced Fit Tower™ DVDs their orders by end...
  11. forum_admin

    Fit Tower DVD Shipping Alert!

    We want to let everyone know that we expect to ship out all Fit Tower orders this Friday, 6-23-17 as long as we receive the new DVDs as scheduled by FedX Freight. To help speed up the process we’re printing shipping labels in advance so that when the DVDs arrive we can ship them more quickly...
  12. forum_admin

    Important Fit Tower™ Shipping Information

    Here are some important Fit Tower™ shipping things you should read and know: 1. We are going to start printing Fit Tower™ shipping address labels on Monday (6-19-17) so that when the DVDs arrive later in the week we can ship them more quickly. Many of you will receive an email once your label...
  13. forum_admin

    We're Done!

    We know how anxious everyone is to receive their new Strong & Sweaty DVDs, so to help us finish shipping all of our Pre-Sale orders as fast as possible we hired the worlds leading shipping consultant. That's right, Santa was here today overseeing the shipping of all of the Strong & Sweaty DVDs...