The New Advanced Fit Tower™ DVDs Have Arrived!!!


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We just received the new Fit Tower™ DVDs and we've started processing all of your pre-sale orders. DVDs will not ship until tomorrow, but we hope to finish processing all pre-sale orders by tomorrow so that we can ship everyone who pre-ordered the new advanced Fit Tower™ DVDs their orders by end of day tomorrow (June 23,2017). This means most USA customers will receive their orders by the end of next week. International customer orders will take longer because of the distance and customs. Don't be alarmed if you don't receive a tracking email as this always an issue with pre-sales.

Download Customers:

We will provide a link on our Facebook Page, Forum and website on where you can download your order on Saturday. You will need to use the gift code you received when you first ordered to retrieve your downloads. If you have lost your code you will need to contact customer service, but remember customer service is closed on weekends, so make sure to contact us before then.

Streaming Customers:
The new workouts will be added to our streaming site ASAP. Because of the Workout Blender there are many steps we have to do when launching new videos on our streaming site and in our apps. We will let you know when we have completed our work and when you can view the new workouts.

Fit Tower™ User's Guide:
We have to finish adding the new workouts to the streaming site before we can finish the Fit Tower™ User's Guide. Our best guess is we should have the User's Guide up next week.

Workout Manager
We've already added the Fit Tower™ workouts to the Workout Manager, but have not finished everything, like DVD cover images and workout rotations. We will let you know when this work is finished.
Lastly, customer service will be slow because of the increased demand for the next several days, but we will do our best to catch up after the weekend.

Hoping everyone loves their new Fit Tower™ workouts!!!!

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