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  • I am the one that posted about my friend and facebook. It sounded like you really wanted to say something about my post and just wondered if you still wanted to say something. You have me wondering!
    thanks DirtDiva, going at it slow and steady now. I only did 2 workouts this week and some walking...but as I said I am glad I can start again. Thanks for the message. I hope you are well and haven't broken anything lately :)!
    Hi d.d.: just saw your msg in the STS forum...look at your avatar...you have beautiful long hair and look totally fit and terrific... I am hanging in there...of course you probably know that it is a physical and mental struggle...the pain is crazzzzy! I cannot really do anything...but sit and read...I do have hourly PT exercises for my shldr and i do what leg exercises i can do that will not cause my shoulder to jostle!!! just taking vitamins,,,(got the extra ones you advised...thx!) and working on not eating due to boredom> Ihope you are healthy and good....howare your workouts going? I hope well..Sorry for the bad typing...left hand only!! and i am a rt-y!!! blessings to you.. :)
    hey Dirtdiva, I really do want to know, If you have time, how your 6x per week with STS is going. I am seriously considering it, after I finish this 3 mos. rotation. I am currently in wk 3 of Meso 2 (just did disk 20 today). At any rate, I may end up doing disks 31-36 the last wk of July since that is right before my vaca. and I want to take my rest wk during vaca. Lots of info...but I am interested on how you are doing and what you think. thanks

    Thanks for your encouraging words! I am able to more of those push ups after completing the Meso cycle and will continue to do them tho I haven't seen any in the Hypertrophy series. Good health to you! Nita
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