All Fit Tower™ Pre-Sale DVDs Have Now Shipped!!!


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The post office just picked up all of the Fit Tower™ pre-sale orders and they will soon be in your hands. We will provide a download link tomorrow so that those of you that pre-ordered the Fit Tower™ downloads can download your videos.
We're currently working on adding the Fit Tower™ workouts to our streaming site and also working on finishing the online User's Guide and Workout Manager functionality. We will update you when these tasks are done.

* Order Cathe's New DVDs from us at:

**Order The Fit Tower™ We use in our new videos from Fit Tower™ at: Make sure to Use Coupon Code "Cathe10" for further savings


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Cathe and Crew,
Thank you for all your hard work. I'm in Calgary and my DVDs were sitting on my front step when I arrived home from work this afternoon. I've downloaded the User's Guide and am settling in to check out my newest arrivals.

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