Fit Tower DVD Shipping Alert!


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We want to let everyone know that we expect to ship out all Fit Tower orders this Friday, 6-23-17 as long as we receive the new DVDs as scheduled by FedX Freight. To help speed up the process we’re printing shipping labels in advance so that when the DVDs arrive we can ship them more quickly. Most USA customers should receive their orders next week. International orders will take longer. We will update you further once we know more.


;)Thanks! When I saw the post, I couldn't resist. I probably forgot to mention, I'm a bit of a nut. :D

aqua girl

Nothing wrong with being a "nut".....we need more of 'em !! :) It would be "pretty damn sweeter" if the dvds got here earlier so they could be
mailed before Friday.... :):)


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Good morning everyone! I'm very excited and looking forward to these new workouts! I bought the Fit Tower a few months ago and I'm so happy I did. Originally, I was just going to use my weight bench with the barbell on it as a barre, but that was such a pain in the tuchus so I ended up avoiding barre workouts altogether (lazy, right?). When Cathe announced this new series, I decided to treat myself. The fit tower is light weight and easy to move around and it doesn't take up that much room and my weight bench stays in its dedicated spot. I never did Turbo Barre in its entirety until I got the Fit Tower and I had no idea what I was missing!

I got the Fit Tower around the same time I subscribed to Cathe Live and I LOVE Cathe Live too! Cathe does barre work in the live workouts and as I read in one of these posts, she'll be using the Fit Tower in future live workouts. Awesome!!

Thanks Cathe!

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