All STEP BOSS Pre-Sale Orders Are Shipping Today


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Hip hip hooray!!! It’s Step Boss shipping day!!!!! All Santa’s elves came together and created some miracles today. We are all stuffed, sealed and ready for our packages to get picked up. It’s just about time to double knot your laces and run to your mailboxes, everybody.

The STEP BOSS User's Guide will be made available shortly after we release STEP BOSS on our Cathe OnDemand network either later this week or more than likely some time next week. We will provide information tomorrow and how those of you who pre-ordered Cathe STEP BOSS downloads can access your videos.

✅ Order Cathe's STEP BOSS Workout DVDs now at

Hey Cathe!!! Are you going to put on Facebook a five minute workout with the carts with Step Boss Shipments!!! Your Flexing Your Awesome Big ARM Muscles!!! Just Kidding!!!

Thank You and Thank Your Wonderful Staff For Their Very Hard Workout In Putting Out The Shipments!!
Jen Den ❤️

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