Perfect30 DVD Shipping Alert!!!


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Hip hip hooray!!! All Perfect30 pre-sale orders have now been processed and the postal service has already picked up all of the USPS orders. We have a few UPS orders that will be picked up later today. So this means all Perfect30 pre-sale orders will be on their way to you starting today.

We will make Perfect30 downloads available tomorrow and will post directions on how you can claim your Perfect30 downloads here on Facebook, in our Forums and on our website sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Learn more or order Perfect30 at
Keep the faith rcsaros :). Maybe you will get them Saturday! Mine says
Saturday, but I'm hoping for tomorrow.....this AM they show a little closer......
But we never know! I wonder if anyone really close will get them today?
If my tracking is correct and I get them Monday, then fantastic!

But I'm also fully prepared for them to not get here until late next week.

I am just so GIDDY that my husband is wrong
..he kept telling me we wouldn't see these until next year...bah!!

Cathe and crew showed him!! :cool:
I didn't get a tracking notice...But since I am in CA it looks like Monday at the earliest from what I am seeing other people post? I know it is coming via USPS for me.
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Yay, just checked, mine are about 2 hrs away now....unless something goes wrong
Mine should be here tomorrow instead of Saturday, but it still says Saturday right

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