Perfect30 DVD Shipping Alert!!!

nope. first thing I checked. searched everything. my order is in the system though....I pre-ordered back in January.

I didn’t get a shipping confirmation either. If you signed up for USPS “informed delivery,” your Cathe shipment may show up there. Mine did.
They're in Indianapolis!!! :D Tracking info still says Monday, but it could be earlier now based on where they are. :)
I was expecting mine Monday but they arrived today in Idaho. I previewed them since I already did an upper body workout and cardio.
I've been hating the mailbox lately--3-6 ridiculous political flyers almost everyday. Argh!! Perfect 30 will be the perfect antidote. Hopefully mine will show up soon!
I think a lot of you in the USA will probably get your Perfect30 videos tomorrow, but in these Pandemic crazy times, mail deliveries can be very erratic and much slower.

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