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    DVD Shipping Alert

    Hi Everyone, Ohmygosh Everyone! I’m so excited to share that we just got word that my new DVDs are done and leaving the replicator today . So now they are on their way from California to our facility in New Jersey! I viewed my production copies today before signing off on the project and I...
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    STS 2.0 DVD Shipping Alert!

    Hi Everyone! I’m so excited to share that the STS 2.0 DVDs have been completed by the replicator and will now begin their journey from California to our facility in New Jersey! I got my production copies this weekend and I couldn’t be happier with the way that everything looks! Each disc...
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    Perfect30 DVD Shipping Alert!!!

    Hip hip hooray!!! All Perfect30 pre-sale orders have now been processed and the postal service has already picked up all of the USPS orders. We have a few UPS orders that will be picked up later today. So this means all Perfect30 pre-sale orders will be on their way to you starting today. We...
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    LITE DVD Shipping Alert !!! LITE is Now in Stock!

    The trucks delivering the LITE DVDs have now finished their cross-country journey and have arrived at our facility in New Jersey. Our staff is now unloading the trucks and soon will begin processing your orders. Though no orders will ship out today we will be working through the evening and all...