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Hi Everyone,

Ohmygosh Everyone! I’m so excited to share that we just got word that my new DVDs are done and leaving the replicator today . So now they are on their way from California to our facility in New Jersey! I viewed my production copies today before signing off on the project and I couldn’t be happier with how everything looks! So good!!!

Your presale DVDs will be arriving in your mailboxes and OnDemand VERY SOON! We hope to start shipping the preorder DVDs on either Friday, December 15th or Monday, December 18th. While that’s a good ballpark, it truly depends on when the trucks arrive at our facility from California!
Downloads will be available the day after DVDs begin shipping. And few days after that we plan on releasing the new DVDs on Cathe OnDemand assuming there are no technical issues. That’s also when we’ll release the User's Guide for the new workouts.


Oh, and one final important thing!

If you’ve moved since you pre-ordered make sure to contact our customer service team with your new address at [email protected]. Changing your address on our site will only affect future orders, not your pre-sale order. So please, make sure to contact us if you have moved.
Of course, we will keep you updated this week as the DVDs make their way to us. If the trucks are delayed we will have to adjust this schedule, but let's hope for the best. Yippee, we’re almost there!
Pre-order Cathe's newest videos now at https://bit.ly/3ECg70v

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