Video Clip of Cathe's Mixed Impact Cardio & Pull Day Workout


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Get ready to kick things into high gear with a high energy, mixed impact cardio routine! This workout will layer higher and lower impact movements with steady state recovery movements while allowing little time for downtime! This DVD will also include a pull training weight routine segment to totally challenge your back, shoulder and biceps as well as your hamstrings and glutes!

*You can pre-order Cathe's new Fit Split series or learn more at: Act Now!


This looks great, as they all do. Can't wait to do them! Quick question: which brand and style are the black and white sneakers Jai's wearing? I was a diehard Ryka fan, but for the last year or so, they've completely let me down. So ready for something comparable to the older ones!!
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The moves where Cathe is using the firewalker band with weights looks amazing. Please continue to add those type of exercises in your workouts Cathe!! :D

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